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Lady Battle Cop (女バトルコップ, On'na Batorukappu) is Japanese Tokusatsu film released in 1990. It is Toei's first tokusatsu released only by V-Cinema. It is a hybrid of the American film Robocop and the Metal Hero SeriesIcon-crosswiki.png Kidou Keiji JibanIcon-crosswiki.png. The suits are designed by Keita Amemiya.


A sci-fi action work produced as one of the action-violence live-action original video series "Toei V-Cinema" by Toei Video, based on the American movie RoboCop released in Japan in 1988. The movie's stage is Neo TOKYO (ネオTOKYO(とうきょう), Neo Tōkyō), the capital of Japan in the near future (as seen from the time of shooting). It drawn a story of a dying and seriously injured woman who was attacked by a powerful international criminal organization with her lover, revives as a cyborg policeman to confront the organization.

Like Kidou Keiji JibanIcon-crosswiki.png, which was broadcast on TV Asahi's Metal Hero Series at the time of shooting, it is a work about the annihilation of evil by the cyborg hero, and many of the same staff as the work was participate. At the end, a telop saying "Her battle has just begun" is displayed, but the sequel has not been produced.

On March 14th, 2013, this work was delivered in live broadcast format as one of the movies of "Humanity vs. Computer Special" that was broadcast in conjunction with Niconico Live Broadcast "Shogi Denou Sen Memorial". From June 12th of the same year, paid distribution has started on Niconico Channel's "Toei Niconico Shiata".

In October 2014, it was televised on the same station as part of the joint project "Toei V-Cinema 25th Anniversary Special" by Toei Channel and Family Theater.


Two seemingly invincible fighters, one good, one evil. Square off in this sci-fi action opus from Japan. When a four-man terrorist group known as Team Phantom begins raising havoc in downtown Tokyo, the city is in desperate need of a hero. An unexpected champion appears in the form of Lady Battle Cop, a former female tennis champion who has been transformed into a seemingly unstoppable cyborg. But when Team Phantom obtain a secret weapon from an underground military facility. Amadeus, a psychotic murderer with the ability to kill using psychic powers. It's anyone's guess who will emerge triumphant.



The LadyBattleCop.jpg
Lady Battle Cop Kaoru Mikoshiba


  • Naoya Koizumi


  • International Criminal Organization Cartel
    • Team Phantom


  • Azusa Nakamura as Kaoru Mikoshiba/Lady Battle Cop
  • Kisuke Yamashita as Detective Masaru Saijō
  • Yuki Kitazume as Naoya Koizumi
  • Masaru Matsuda as Amadeus
  • Toshiaki Nishizawa as Iwao Kido
  • Shirō Sano as Henry Ōba
  • Masashi Ishibashi as Team Phantom Captain
  • Annu Mari as Team Phantom Elite
  • Derrick Holmes as Team Phantom Elite
  • Kiyokazu Inoue
  • Ippei Soda
  • Takeshi Ishikawa
  • Killer Khan
  • Kazuyoshi Ozawa
  • Yoshiaki Ueda

Theme Songs

  • Opening Theme: NO NO GIVE-UP
  • Ending Theme: Believe my life ~Watashi wa Watashi


  • It's unknown if this V-Cinema take place in Toei's shared universe.
  • The ending stated that "The Battle Continues" which promise a sequel, but like some OV movies such as Shin Kamen Rider: PrologueIcon-crosswiki.png, this OV movie never get a follow up.

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