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Gender: Female
Villain Type: Impactor
Show: Chouseishin Gransazer
First Appearance: Attack! The Impactors
Last Appearance: Look! The Fusion Ultra Star God
Number of Episode
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Actor: Chisun
Impactor Lucia
Impactor Lucia

Impactor Lucia (インパクタールシア Inpakutā Rusia) is an Impactor in Chouseishin Gransazer.


Impactor Lucia came to earth along with Radia; Lucia is a swift & cunning fighter who assumes the form of a woman in her twenties with a red streak in her hair, wearing a green leotard & a cape. In her black-armored form armed with the V-Sword, which can be used as a sword or a boomerang. She also loves Logia & would do anything for him. After Radia dies, Lucia swears to kill the Gransazers in spite of Logia ordering her not to act. She attacks Samura while he was tracking her, fighting Tenma & Gou. After getting scarred by Ai, Lucia attempts to get revenge on her, both Ran & Mika arrive to Ai's aid & defeat Lucia, mortally wounding her & taking her to the hospital in hopes of healing her. But as her body is beyond human medicine, Lucia would eventually die were it not for Logia saving her after she learns that he has feelings for her as well. After being healed, Lucia learns that she is no longer to continue the mission. However, going again the order, she use Accelerator to increase her power, turning into a giant version of herself in spite that that Accelerator's long term effect would make her into a mindless monster & eventually kill her. Though she over-powered the Chouseishin with her cloaking & clone abilities before enlarging herself even more, Lucia is outmatched by DaiSazer with its pilots stopping it in time before it kills her. However, Lucia succumbs to the Accelerator's effect & dies, leaving behind her card for Logia to find.




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