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Sailor Luna
Gender: Female
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Color: yellow
Homeworld: Moon
First Appearance: Special Act: We're Getting Married
Last Full Appearance: Act ZERO: The Birth of Sailor V
Number of Episode Appearances: 49 (episodes),
2 (specials)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Keiko Han (plushie)
Rina Koike (human)
Sailor Luna
"Luna Prism Power! Make UP!"

Luna is a plushie guardian whose mission was to gather the Sailor Scouts to battle the evil Queen Beryl. Eventually she becomes Sailor Luna after being close to Sailor Moon for too long, exposing her to the Silver Crystal's powers.


Luna is a sentient plush toy who came down from the moon to help guide the Senshi, although she did not remember much of the past until she was showered by the Ginzuishou. Luna provides the Senshi with many of their special items, which always spring into existence, seemingly out of thin air. It is unclear whether she is creating them herself or simply materializing them from some other location. She can also detect both senshi & youma. She often accompanies the senshi by tagging along in their bags or jackets. Usually she is represented by the actual doll & through CGI effects for walking, running, & jumping. In Act Zero, Luna is shown going through the atmosphere, getting hot, but not burned. In the Special Act, Luna is living as a human with the Tsukino family, but becomes a cat, every so often.


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Sailor LunaEdit


Sailor Luna

Sailor Luna appeared for the first time at the end of Act 26, confronting Dark Mercury. Once Sailor Moon awoke as the Princess with the Ginzuishou, Luna gained new powers that allowed her to transform into a human & back to her plush form. Luna maintains her catlike habits while in human form, although she picked up quite a sweet tooth. Luna first appeared as a mysterious young girl to the other girls. By dialing 6-7-2 on her Lunatia-S & shouting "Luna Prism Power," she transformed into a Sailor Senshi like the others, becoming Sailor Luna. She called herself the Senshi of small & cute things, her power seemed to be based on the 'candy' element. Like Usagi, Luna wields a Moonlight Stick & can transform it into a large folding fan when she wants to attack directly. She can also change it into a Golden Fan & a catching net. Sometimes she reverted back to plushie form involuntarily, such as when she sneezed, was surprised, or lost consciousness.

In the Special Act, Luna appeared in both her human & plushie forms. She is the only one of the Senshi who is still able to transform without outside assistance, although it was unexplained why she still had her powers when the others lost theirs, it might have been possible that she still receive some sort of power from the ruins of the Moon Kingdom, as she was seen to have direct communication with Queen Serenity. She is also shown living mainly as a human with Usagi's family, with whom she gets along quite well, though she still takes on her cat form when necessary. She is also shown to have taken on some of the personality traits of Usagi & her mother, such as acting in the same melodramatic manner when waking up in the morning.


  • Weapons
    • Moonlight Stick
  • Gear
    • Lunatia L
    • Crown Passport

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