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Fushigi Magical Girls

The Magical Girls of the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series

Magical Girl is a genre of Japanese media involving young girls endowed with mystical powers and the adventures they partake in.

While this genre is more often seen in anime, in rare cases it has been seen in Tokusatsu.

The genre itself is divided into 3 sub categories:

Everyday Life: The oldest of the genre that focuses on the mundane lifestyle of the protagonist with occasional hijinks. Its origins can be traced back to the classic American TV sitcom Bewitched, where it served as the inspiration for Mitsuteru Yokoyama's anime and manga, Sally the Witch. (The first Magical Girl series)

Example of this sub-genre in Tokusatsu:

Magical Idol: A genre where the protagonist uses her powers to become famous and/or help people. This genre is more reserved for anime as there are no known live action adaptations or original tokusatsu productions of this sub genre at this time.

Superhero: Starting with Osamu Tezuka's manga Princess Knight debuting a heroine as the protagonist and then fully established into a sub-genre with Go Nagai's Cutie Honey, the Superhero Magical Girl is an offshoot of the tokusatsu superhero genre. Like most toku superhero shows it involves a tale of transforming heroes and Good vs Evil, but with romance and drama elements mixed in to appeal to a wider audience. This sub-genre became popularized by the worldwide success of Sailor Moon and has become the definitive archetype of the genre. It is also the most common to be adapted into tokusatsu.

Examples of the sub-genre in Tokusatsu:

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