Majin Daruga (魔神ダルガ?, 33-51) is Kaiser Hades' older brother he receives his power after his defeat.

Seeking to avenge Hades' death, he initiates the Earth destruction back up plan while having his Rejandar forces under the command of adorocs hold the Justirises off and prepare Earth for his arrival. When on Earth following Adorocs defeat, Daruga overpowers Shirogane in their first battle along with drake before taking his leave. Using Megarion, Daruga battles Shirogane before sucking out the Riser Power from Demon Knight's body to become Dark Demon Kurogane (暗黒魔神クロガネ Ankoku Mashin Kurogane?), the counterpart of Shirogane they later infiltrated his base and manage to destroy it and drake. But he managed to escape and seeing conquering the planet impossible he decided to destroy it,

Kurogane summons his ultimate weapon the battleship Diglos to Earth to use its gigatron cannon and blow it up once and for all and deployed his Bugarlo army to keep the risers distracted. Surviving the Diglos being destroyed by shouta before its cannon fired after they defeated the mecha and megarion, Kurogane confronts the remaining justirises and destroys the Shadestar losing his hover platform in the process intending to turn Earth into the foundation of a new empire. He was about to kill the Justirisers for good when shouta having been saved by jinno returned the three attempted to combine their power to defeat him but teleporting away at the last minute, Kurogane than enlarges and reveals his ultimate form and he proceeds to level the city before they summoned a giant shirogane and as much as he try's kurogane was no match and the Justirises fuel all their power threw it and destroy the space tyrant once and for all.


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