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Sailor Jupiter
Makoto Kino
Gender: Female
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Color: Green
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Act 6: The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter
Last Full Appearance: Special Act: We're Getting Married!
Number of Episode Appearances: 43 (episodes), 1 (specials)
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Actor: Mew Azama
Sailor Jupiter
"Jupiter Prism Power! Make UP!"

Makoto Kino is a tomboyish high school transferee who is revealed to be Sailor Jupiter. Together with Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts, she battles the evil Queen Beryl.


Makoto has lived alone for a large part of her life, having lost her parents at an early age. She has been trying to connect to someone, even though she has tried to hold on but the grip hasn't been tight enough. Everything she has loved goes away in the end & she feels alone. She lives alone in an apartment. Makoto is tomboyish on the outside, but enjoys cooking, especially the preparation of bento boxes (home-packed meal usually with sushi). She is very strong & not afraid of a fight with other humans or youma. The reason she was kicked out of her old school was because she got in a fight with an upperclassman. She often acts as the 'muscle' of the team & is very protective of the other senshi. When Makoto first comes into the others' lives, all the girls fawn over a basketball player named Takeru. In reality, he is a Youma who takes them to another dimension & steals their energy by turning them into statues. Makoto receives a letter from Takeru, in which he says that he thinks about her all the time & asks her to meet him the next morning by the fountain. Makoto waited by the fountain for several hours & rain with no sign of Takeru.

Three punks mocked her for actually believing the letter & they were later beaten in a basketball game by the other three girls. The Youma was possessing Takeru's body. The Youma starts to go after him & Makoto shoves Takeru out of the way. The Youma wraps its snake-like whip around her neck & reaches out toward Takeru but he screams & runs away. She finishes the Youma on her own as Sailor Jupiter after being told by a Guardian Sailor Moon that she isn't alone. Usagi later drags Makoto & Rei on a triple date with Motoki, Mamoru, & Motoki's friend Takai. During the date, she was paired up with Mamoru & showed off her skills in rowing on a pond boat. While walking across the Hikawa Shrine, she spots Rei being forced against her will into a limousine, prompting her to believe it is a kidnapping. She goes to the hotel & after a tussle with bodyguards, Rei lets her in & explains she is having one of her monthly lunches with her politician father. Seeing how sad this makes her, Makoto proceeds to sneak Rei out.

Makoto followed Mamoru & Usagi together, when she wanted to give him a Valentine's scarf & finds out he about Hina. When Tuxedo Kamen runs to help Sailor Moon against a Youma, Makoto confronts him & asks if he is Mamoru. She asks him his motives, & explains he's trying to find that out. Makoto demands to know if he's using Usagi. Tuxedo Kamen looks back at her & indifferently asks, "What if I am?" Makoto punches him in the face & knocks him to the ground. She tells him won't tell Usagi his identity he needs to stay far away from her. Makoto gave Motoki the scarf she had to knit for a class project in passing. Makoto was quite guarded as a result of being alone for so long & afraid of putting Motoki in danger because she was a senshi. In fact, she awaken in her inner senshi by being alone. Luckily, Motoki was quite persistent & Makoto eventually realized that she doesn't have to be alone. A youma is attacking the city & Makoto has to transform into Sailor Jupiter in front of Motoki. Their connection grows stronger from this, & he gives her a turtle-shaped good luck charm with a small bell to protect her while she's fighting.

Sailor Jupiter wears a pink belt called the Rose Belt with an attached translucent spherical container which held rose petal potpourri. It could, but never proven, be the source her attack Flower Hurricane, in which she shoots a flurry of flower blossoms at an enemy. Sailor Jupiter's strongest attack generated from her Sailor Star Tambourine called the Jupiter Thunderbolt, a powerful lightning bolt. During the Special Act, which takes place four years after the series finale, Makoto owns a floral shop & designs the floral arragements & Motoki is shown helping her out. The two seem to be dating, & at the end, Motoki catches the bouquet at Usagi & Mamoru's wedding & proposes to Makoto, who accepts.


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Sailor JupiterEdit


Sailor Jupiter


  • Weapons
    • Sailor Star Tambourine
    • Jupiter Spear
  • Gear
    • Silver Bracelet/Jewelry Star Bracelet
    • Teletia S
    • Crown Passport
    • Rose Belt

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