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Masato Kazama
Masato Kazama
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Anti-hero
Show: Shichisei Toshin Guyferd
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Birth of Guyferd
Last Appearance: Eternal Vow
Number of Episode
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Actor: Shigeaki Kano

Masato Kazama/Deathferd (風間将人/デスファード Kazama Masato/Desufādo) is Gou's older brother, he practiced the Ken'nou-ryu fighting style. Some after Gou left, Masato was kidnapped by Crown and became a Guyborg, eventually used in an experiment to perfect the Guyborg/Fallah symbiosis, becoming Deathferd while realizing his grudge again Gou. He covers Bycross' escape before reuniting with Gou under false prestences. But at once the Crown Base, Masato reveals the truth before Shion forces him into becoming Deathferd. Though reluctant to, Gou is forced to fight his brother, both equal before Masato runs back into the Crown Base to die in it as it explodes. However, Deathferd served as the basis for the Metalferds.

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