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Mighty Guardian: Lost Avian
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Mighty Guardian: ???
"Do you believe in Legends?"
On July the 1st, 2019, Vietnam's Transform Studio co-operating with Dive Into Eden officially announced their own original tokusatsu series, Mighty Guardian (Chiến Thần). After that, they joined each other and called themselves TRANSFILM.

The first entry is called Mighty Guardian: Lost Avian (Chiến Thần Lạc Hồng) - using Vietnamese Mythologies as the main concept.


Trung Quan Nguyen is a rebellious last year high school student who is hated by the others. On his school's picnic, he'd found an ancient cube and opened it - leading to the fact that he had freed the ancient Vietnamese Mythologies monsters from an ancient seal made by the 18th King Hung (also known as the 18th "Lac" Guardian).

He also gained the Mighty Guardian: Lost Avian's power, became the 19th "Lac" Guardian - following the 18 Generations of King Hung's willpower to protect the Vietnamese people first and then the safety of humankind. He has to learn how to balance between his student's normal life and his Mighty Guardian's bizarre adventure as soon as possible, before the monsters and some other parties could join and take everything from him.

The story will follow his adventure and the meeting with some new friends, new partners. From those events, every life lessons were learnt by him to become a better man in the future - besides the fights with the villains.

But after all, this is just the beginning for the Vietnamese Mythologies' Universe and the Mighty Guardians' Omniverse.

The "Era of Justice".


The Guardians

TV Show

Mighty Guardian: Lost Avian 18 Generations of King Hung (Hùng) - Based on the Vietnamese Mythologies' lost avian, the Phoenix, the concept of 18 Generations of King Hung, Lac Long Quan and Au Co. They were the real 18 kings of the Ancient Vietnam. Trung Quan Nguyen (Nguyễn Trung Quân). Played by Hoang Anh Nguyen (Nguyễn Hoàng Anh).
Mighty Guardian: Alpine Deity Son Tinh (Sơn Tinh) - Based on the Vietnamese Mythologies' alpine deity - Son Tinh, the Tiger, the Elephant, the Rooster, the Warhorse and the Vietnamese Mythologies' version of Qilin. He was the deity who could control the earth and trees, animals,... Unknown character. Played by Quan Lee (Quân Lee/Lê Minh Quân).
Mighty Guardian: Aqua Deity Thuy Tinh (Thuỷ Tinh) - Based on the Vietnamese Mythologies' aqua deity - Thuy Tinh, the Vietnamese Mythologies' version of Jiaolong, the Crocodile, the Serpent and the Vietnamese Mythologies' version of Dragon. He is Son Tinh and the first King Hung's brother. Played by Alexander Nguyen (Alexander Nguyễn/Nguyễn Quốc Thái).
Mighty Guardian: Mechano-Metals Based on the Turtle, the Vietnamese Mythologies' version of Black Tortoise.
Mighty Guardian: Sacred Horseman Heavenly Horsemen - Based on the Vietnamese Mythologies' heavenly horsemen - Giong, Linh Lang Hoang Lang, Lan Ho, Stone General, the Vietnamese reed, the Vietnamese bamboo, the Elephant, the Tiger and his Iron Warhorse. Actually, they are the same god and even was told to be Vaiśravaṇa, but he is widely known as Giong (Gióng) by Vietnamese people and the savior of the Ancient Vietnam.
  • Lạc Hồng
    Trung Quan Nguyen (Nguyễn Trung Quân) - The main protagonist who transforms himself into the Mighty Guardian: Lost Avian XIX (the 19th "Lac" Guardian) by using the "Lac's Corpse" ("Lạc Thể"). A rebellious last year high school student who is hated by the others. He was an orphan, but was grown by his uncle. As the 19th "Lac" Guardian, Quan is granted the agility, concentration and strength of the lost avian - the legendary "Lac" bird. Played by Hoang Anh Nguyen (Nguyễn Hoàng Anh).
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  • Truc Han Luu (Lưu Trúc Hân) - Trung Quan Nguyen's female classmate. At first, her appearance is annoying, but she will soon show her true complicated past and become Quan's best companion and friend. Played by Minh Chau Hoang (Hoàng Minh Châu).
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Vietnamese Mythologies' monsters

  • Yeak the Lizard (Chằn Tinh) - A famous serpent-like monster from an old Vietnamese tale named "Thach Sanh" (Thạch Sanh). It's named after the legendary Yeak from the Khmer's Mythologies, but its physical appearance is a mixture between tigers, serpents, lizards and gorillas. In the legendaries, this monster often lived near the temples to hunt people down - but it was killed by Thach Sanh (Thạch Sanh - "Born from a stone") - the main protagonist and also the Stone General of that tale.
  • Monkey-like Monster (Hầu Tinh) - A monkey-like monster from various Vietnamese fairy tales. It's famous for the related with gold-ore, lust and death.
  • Giant Avian (Điểu Tinh) - A gold-ore related bird-like monster in an old Vietnamese tale named "A Myth about exchanging a Carambola with a lot of gold". It often lured greedy people to the death, but no one had taken that problem seriously.
  • Black "Elephaven" (Ô Tượng Tinh) - A monster was made by mixing the victims' souls (100 ravens, an elephant, an unknown patriarch,...) from a Vietnamese tale named "Cuoi the Liar". He is a powerful, yet poor creature who had lost his belief in humankind.
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Other parties

  • Thong Ly (Lý Thông) - A cunning villain and the Stone General's adoptive brother from "Thach Sanh". He was punished by the gods and become a beetle, but had lived through many years to turn into a high-classed monster and gain his human form back. He is the President of Ngoc De Corp., and he knows something about this mysterious world. Played by Long Pham (Long Phạm).
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Supporting Characters

  • Quoc Nam Dang (Đặng Quốc Nam) - Also Quan's classmate. He is rich, talented and a lady-killer who really hates Quan at the beginning. He has a crush on Han and sees Quan as a love rival - despite the fact that Quan hates Han so much to begin with. In the Teaser he was played by Nam Dai Han Tran (Trần Nam Đại Hàn), but the role was replaced recently due to some reasons.
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Opening Theme

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Ending Theme

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  • Minh Long Pham as Mighty Guardian: Lost Avian XVIII/XIX in both Teaser and Trailer, Black "Elephaven" in the Trailer.
  • Vinh Nguyen (Nguyễn Vinh) as Black "Elephaven" in the Teaser.
  • Hoang Anh Nguyen as Mighty Guardian: Lost Avian XIX (face-revealed scenes).
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