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Miki human form
Sister Miki
Miki Saotome
Gender: Female
Show: Cutie Honey: The Live
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
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Actor: Ayame Misaki
Sister Miki

Miki Saotome (早乙女 ミキ Saotome Miki) is a cold young girl who is the polar opposite of Honey, being introverted and anti-social. Like Honey, she has the Honey System installed in her body, changing her into a blue armored form called Sister Miki (シスターミキ Shisutā Miki). In this form she cannot control her aggression, causing her to develop a fear of herself. She stays away from other people because she is afraid of hurting them against her will. Despite her cold demeanor, she cares about Honey.

Character HistoryEdit

Miki was originally a normal schoolgirl in a happy family. Her parents are killed when Doctor Kisaragi uses the Air Solidifier device to create a giant hand made of stone that stops the car her family was in and ultimately takes her life. She is then reprogrammed as Doctor Kisaragi's daughter. However, when flaws are shown in her Honey system, she is discarded by Dr. Kisaragi. After Miki finds out the truth, she kills Doctor Kisaragi in cold blood before turning herself in to a juvenile institution for young girls.

When Miki stays transformed for too long, her kukri becomes a rusted piece of metal. In this state, she is captured by Yuji and trapped in a room of chains to prevent her from transforming to escape. When Honey comes to save her as bait to get Honey's Honey System, Miki transforms to save her, sacrificing her life in the process. She then reveals that she was the one who killed Professor Kisaragi, their father, because her true family and herself had been killed by him in order to transform her into an android. She dies, impaled from the inside from the chains she had taken into her body during her final Honey Flash.

She would be revived again at Honey's request by Mayumi, albeit with a limited lifespan. She then goes on a rescue mission to save Honey and Yuki from Hiromi, only to find Honey's lifeless body at the surgery site. She returns to Mayumi, requesting the same operation Honey did for her, not only to save Honey's life, but for her own sake so that she can live on in Honey who is able to "throw everything into just being alive". Mayumi condescendingly accepts, saving Honey and transferring Miki's powers and abilities over to her at the price of her life.

Sister MikiEdit

Like Honey, she transforms with the phrase "Honey Flash!" (ハニーフラッシュ! Hanī Furasshu!?) by pressing her personal emblem, a blue spade. However, her transformations are flawed: she draws any loose metal she is in contact with into her body when she flashes, only to pull them out painfully later. Her weapon is a kukri called the "Boomerang Bleu" (ブーメランブル Būmeran Buru?).

Sister MikiEdit

Sister Miki suit

Sister Miki suit


  • Honey System
  • Boomerang Bleu


  • Miki's blue motif and stark contrast to Honey's personality draw many parallels between her and Misty Honey, Cutie Honey's rival from the anime Cutie Honey Flash.


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