Momoko Murakami: Yuko's sister, and the youngest of the siblings. After the invasion of the Dark Emperor Diable, Kami-sama gave Momoko a supporting role to Poitrine as Poitrine Petite. Though Poitrine Petite fights alongside Poitrine, they have a rivalry. She and Yuko do not know each other's identity which is subject to punishment if they were to find out.

Poitrine PetiteEdit

Momoko -0

Poitrine Petite to compete to become. Although the united front while having a rivalry with each other and Potrine, because it is subject to a penalty of when the Barre is also identity and Yuko (it would have been in crayfish) the identity of each other do not know.


  • Stick: Makeover items and only weapon. Also it has the Cosmo breath function.
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