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Mysterious Nile Girl Thutmose
Number 12
Number of episodes: 51
First episode:
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Original airing: January 6, 1991 - December 29, 1991
La Belle Fille Masquée Poitrine
Utau! Dai Ryugujo

Mysterious Nile Girl Thutmose (不思議少女ナイルなトトメス Fushigi Shōjo Nairu na Totomesu) is the 12th entry in the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series created by Shotaro Ishinomori and produced by Toei. It was inspired by the Tutankhamun boom in Japan at that time.

On April 2020, Thutmose became one of the 70 shows to stream on the Toei Tokusatsu World Youtube channel.


"I want to fight beautifully, as long as the sun is in the sky. Mysterious Girl, Nile Thutmose."
―Thutmose's pre-battle catchphrase

Sanae visits her ancestors' grave to report she was moved house. However, her arrival damages the family mausoleum, and releases 51 ancient spirits of the Nile that were formerly sealed inside. Sanae's ancestor, Thutmose, orders her to recapture the devils, using the secret identity of Mysterious Girl Nile and her newfound Egyptian magic powers.[1]


Thutmose and ?
Thutmose Sanae Nakajima (中島サナエ)

Sanae's ParentsEdit

  • Yukie Nakajima (中島ユキエ)
  • Kenzō Nakajima (中島ケンゾー)

Thutmose Girl SquadEdit

  • Manami Nakajima (中島マナミ) (Sanae's Sister)
  • Itsuka Kawasaki (川崎イツカ)
  • Hanako Ishikura (石倉ハナコ)

Other TownspeopleEdit

  • Tina Gushiken (具志堅ティナ) (Sanae's Best Friend)
  • Shinto Priest (神主) (Tina's Father)
  • Ippei Matsumoto (松本一平) (Cram School Teacher)
  • Police Officer (警察官)

Republic GunchalaEdit

  • President Damente (ダメンテ大統領)
  • Damente's Interpreter (ダメンテの通訳)

Nile's DemonsEdit

  • Chairman Warusa (ワルサ委員長)


  • Sanae Horikawa (堀川早苗) as Sanae Nakajima
  • Fumiyo Sako (迫文代) as Yukie Nakajima
  • Shigeru SaikiIcon-crosswiki (斉木しげる) as Kenzō Nakajima
  • Manami Seki (関真奈美) as Manami Nakajima
  • Itsuka Ishizaka (石坂伊津佳) as Itsuka Kawasaki
  • Hanako Nakamura (中村花子) as Hanako Ishikura
  • Tina Gushiken (具志堅ティナ) as Tina Gushiken
  • Masaru Okada (岡田勝) as Shinto Priest
  • Takashi Tsumura (津村鷹志) as Teacher Matsumoto
  • Fumihito Kubo (久保史) as Police Officer
  • Hiromasa Taguchi (田口浩正) as President Damente
  • Kazumasa Koura (小浦一優) as Damente's Interpreter
  • Tessan Yamane (山根鉄仙) as Chairman Warusa



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