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Mystery Science Theater 3000 or MST3K as its known by its fans is a television series which ran from November 24, 1988- August 8, 1999.

The show featured old movies that were in the public domain at the time as well as several tokusatsu productions.


A janitor named Joel who worked at Gizmonic Institute was shot into space and placed on a satellite by his evil boss Dr. Forrester. His mad boss planned to use him as part of his experiments involving watching horrible movies in the hopes of driving him insane as part of his evil scheme for world domination. Instead, Joel builds robot companions to keep him company and help him in riffing the films. Later on in the series, Joel finally escapes the satellite and a new test subject is shot into space: a temp worker named Mike Nelson....


  • Out of all the episodes, Joel riffed on the majority of them. Joel did 12 while Mike did 3.
  • When Joel appeared as a guest on the show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, the host tried to get Joel to help "MST" clips from Ultraseven.

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