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Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog is an American-Irish television series set in a fantasy version of ancient Ireland, created by Saban Entertainment.


Queen Maeve of Temra wants to rule the land of her birth, the peaceful kingdom of Kells. She therefore calls upon the dark fairy Mider, who gives her the mystical Rune Stone that allows Maeve to use sorcery, most often to summon mystical, dangerous creatures like ogres and evil giants, whom she sends to destroy Kells. King Conchobar of Kells hears of Maeve's evil plan and seeks a way to protect his kingdom and peoples. Rohan, a druid's apprentice discovers an ancient scroll telling of a legendary warrior called Draganta who would save that kingdom. Because Rohan's birthmark matched a prominent sign on the scroll, the King sends Rohan on the quest to find Draganta, with his friend the reformed thief Angus.

The two are joined by the foreign Prince Ivar, and the king's daughter, Princess Deirdre, follows them. They are drawn to the realm of Tir Na Nóg, ruled by the fairy King, Fin Varra. Fin Varra puts the group through various tests to determine their worthiness, which they pass. King Fin Varra gives them another section of the ancient scroll, and mystical weapons which give control of the Classical Elements Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. The four young warriors battle the four Sentinels of Temra, who guard elemental armor, and defeat them, earning the title Mystic Knights (Rohan becomes the Mystic Knight of Fire, Angus Earth, Ivar Water, and Deirdre Air).

Each Knight can call upon their mystical element for powers unique to it. Aideen, a small, winged fairy, continues to offer periodic assistance to the young heroes as they battle Queen Maeve. Eventually, Rohan manages to tame Pyre, the Dragon of Dare. This feat, and Pyre's later assistance as an oracle, reveals Rohan as the legendary hero Draganta. Later in the series, another Mystic Knight emerges; Garrett, the Mystic Knight of Forest. He begins as an adversary under the control of Queen Maeve, but frees himself from her influence, throwing his lot in with the Mystic Knights. Garrett and Rohan develop a rivalry for Princess Deirdre's affections.

Eventually Queen Maeve summons a new monster named Lugad who is more powerful than any previous creation. Lugad is revealed to have a birthmark similar to Rohan's, which is explained when it is revealed that Rohan and Lugad are in fact half-brothers, whose mother is Queen Maeve. In the series finale, they eventually work together with the other Mystic Knights to defeat Maeve, who ends up banished by Rohan, her own son.


Mystic Knights

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Fire Rohan
Air Deirdre
Water Ivar
Earth Angus
Forest Garrett






  1. Legend of the Ancient Scroll
  2. Tir Na Nóg
  3. The Fire Dragon of Dare
  4. Tash Hound of Temra (episode)
  5. Ivar and the Sea Serpent
  6. The Wolf in the Rocks
  7. The Taming of Pyre Pt. 1
  8. The Taming of Pyre Pt. 2
  9. Draganta
  10. War of the Little People
  11. Dragon's Fury
  12. Tyrune
  13. Tyrune Returns
  14. Aideen and the Stone Princess
  15. Battle of the Druids
  16. Queen Deirdre
  17. Night of the Spirits
  18. Aideen's Choice
  19. Divide & Conquer
  20. Eye of the Beholder
  21. Garrett and the Princess
  22. The Traitor of Kells
  23. The Fifth Knight
  24. The Mystic Knight of Forest
  25. Egg of the Dragon
  26. The Drageen
  27. A King's Ransom
  28. The Curse of Kells
  29. The Trial of Angus
  30. Mider: King of Temra
  31. The Buckler of Bre
  32. Ivar's Revenge
  33. King's Bride
  34. All Kings Great and Small
  35. The Wish
  36. The Lost King
  37. Friends for Life
  38. The Prisoner Prince
  39. Shipwrecked
  40. Rohan's Doubt
  41. The Barrow of Balin
  42. Dark Rider
  43. The Warrior of Temra
  44. Battle Fury
  45. Lugad's Challenge
  46. The Mark of Destiny
  47. The Queen Mother
  48. Knight in the Forest
  49. The Final Battle
  50. Banished


  • Lochlainn O'Mearain as Rohan/Mystic Knight of Fire (Battle Fury)
  • Lisa Dwan as Deirdre/Mystic Knight of Air
  • Justin Pierre as Ivar/Mystic Knight of Water
  • Vincent Walsh as Angus/Mystic Knight of Earth
  • Stephen Brennan as King Conchobar
  • Barry Cassin as Cathbad
  • Charlotte Bradley - Queen Maeve
  • Gerry O'Brien as Torc
  • Peadar Lamb as Fin Varra
  • Ned Dennehy as Mider
  • Kelly Campbell as Aideen
  • Ben Palmer as Garrett/Mystic Knight of Forest (Eps 21-27, 39, 48-50)
  • Eric O'Cuinn as Lugad

Voice actors

  • Ned Dennehy as The Lightning Bat of Temra, The Rock Wolf of Temra
  • Shaun Elebert as The Ice Lord of Temra
  • Enda Kilroy as The Sea Serpent of Temra

VHS & DVD release

In the US, one VHS video was released. A single video was also released in the UK. In Germany, two DVDs were released with two episodes on each DVD. The original English audio is not included on the DVDs.


  • A second season entitled Mystic Knights: Battle Thunder was planned, but was later cancelled, and its budget was put towards Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and the English dub of Digimon Adventure.

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  • The series was loosely based on actual Irish mythology.
    • The name derives from Tír na nÓg, one of the Otherworlds of Irish mythology.

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