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National Kid (ナショナルキッド) was a TV series produced by Toei Company in 1960, and was partly a merchandising from Panasonic, then called National. The series was not very famous in Japan or the rest of the world, except for Brazil, where it was very popular, and is still heard of.

On April 6, 2020, National Kid became one of the 70 shows to stream on the Toei Tokusatsu World Youtube channel.


National Kid is a messenger from the Andromeda Galaxy thirty thousand light-years away, who is immortal and protects the Earth from invaders. His alter ego on Earth is Ryusaku Hata (旗竜作, Hata Ryusaku)—or Massao Hata in the Brazilian dub—the son and apprentice of the world-renowned scientist, Dr. Masachika Hata, who holds his practice in a suburb of Tokyo. His powers include superhuman strength and flight. National Kid also carries the "Eroruya Ray Gun" (エロルヤ光線銃, Eroruya kōsen jū) which was similar to the flashlight sold by Matsushita. Hata raises five orphan children, which try to help investigating the strange phenomena in the series. When in danger, the kids call National Kid to rescue them via the "Magic Radio" (マジックラジオ, Majikku Rajio), a National radio transmitter.


National Kid Ryusaku Hata

Villains and Monsters


  • The cast members of National Kid were:
    • Ichirō Kojima: Ryusaku Hata/ National Kid (episodes 1-22)
    • Hidetarō Tatsumi: Ryusaku Hata/ National Kid (episodes 23-39)
    • Kiwako Taichi: Taeko Shimura/Naoko Obata
    • Shika Saito: Dr. Mizuno
    • Isamu Yamaguchi: Dr. Yamada
    • Chiyoko Honma: Tsuneko Yamada
    • Taku Fukushima, Hideya Kimura, Toru Shimizu, Kazuo Hara, Midori Okada: The Child Detectives (少年探偵団, Shonen tantei-dan), Thiako, Goro, Kurazo, Tomohiro, and Yukio For the Brazilian version, voices were dubbed in Portuguese by:
    • Emerson Camargo: National Kid
    • Cristina Camargo: Thiako
    • Maria Inês: Goro
    • Magaly Sanches: Kurazo
    • Rafael Marques: Tomohiro
    • Sônia Regina: Yukio
    • Osmano Cardoso: Dr. Mizuno


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