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Power Master Maxman
Power Master Maxman
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Original airing: 2004
Vectorman: Warriors of the Earth

Power Master Maxman (수호전사 맥스맨 Suhojeonsa Maegseumaen) is a Korean Tokusatsu series.


After taking over the Leonia Kingdom of the Stella galaxy, D'ga(Pronounced Duh ga) wants to use future queen princess Soophia since she is the key to the Leonia energy source. D'ga tries to abduct her by sending Skilla while princess Soophia ateempts retalliation using the legendary Max Robot written in the royal throne's Beevil scriptures. Later, among earth's rocks and mountains, Mega Changer detects the princess and at the same time searches for the suitable host for three spirits who will become Maxman. Coincidentally, Baek Gi-Hoon, a science student for a high school of science(school in Korea where most curriculums are science-based) who posesses true courage. Gi-Hoon becomes maxman and swears to protect Soophia from Skillaand help the princess find all nine Leonia stones.



Power Master 123
Fire Maxman Beak Gi-Hoon
Aqua Maxman Beak Gi-Hoon
Storm Maxman Beak Gi-Hoon


  • Princess Sophia
  • Cubric
  • La Pew
  • Marone


  • D'ga
  • Skilla
  • Sen Cho
  • Miravle
  • Famelle
  • Shakk

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