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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン , Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn) is a retelling of the first act of the manga series Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi, who deliberately used Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki.png traits in the narrative. While just a basic retelling, there are some notable differences from the manga and anime versions.


A great evil, consisting of Queen Beryl, her four generals, and an amorphous evil power named Queen Metaria attempt to steal energy so that Beryl can take over the world. Standing in their way are the Sailor Senshi, five middle-school-aged girls: perky Usagi Tsukino, genius Ami Mizuno, paranormally gifted shrine maiden Rei Hino, tomboyish Makoto Kino, and J-pop idol Minako Aino; two beings that appear to be sentient stuffed cats (Luna and Artemis); and Tuxedo Mask, a jewel thief in search of a Silver Crystal. Later in the series, Metaria and Sailor Moon each get too powerful to be reined in, and the conflict shifts to attempting to postpone the inevitable destruction of the planet Earth. (It looks like Earth is plunged into darkness and not actually destroyed per se, but the effect is the same.)


The Sailor Senshi

Sailor Senshi

Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino
Sailor Mercury Ami Mizuno
Sailor Mars Rei Hino
Sailor Jupiter Makoto Kino
Sailor Venus/Sailor V Minako Aino
Sailor Luna Luna


Tuxedo Mask Mamoru Chiba


Dark Kingdom


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  • The episodes in this show are called Acts, which is the same format as done in Samurai Sentai ShinkengerIcon-crosswiki.png written by Yasuko Kobayashi.
  • Like Tokumei Sentai Go-BustersIcon-crosswiki.png, there is a lagomorphic reference: Go-Busters Yoko Usami (Usami Yoko) which means "Ocean Rabbit".
  • Except for Sailor Luna, the 5 main Sailor Senshi all have surnames that start with their respective powers and ends with "no" (which may translate to "of" or "of the" in hiragana).
    • Usagi Tsukino (Tsukino Usagi) - "Rabbit of the moon" (Tsuki no usagi)
    • Ami Mizuno (Mizuno Ami) - "Oriental beauty of the water" (Mizu no ami)
    • Rei Hino (Hino Rei) - "Ray of fire" (Hi no rei) (Rei can also mean spirit.)
    • Makoto Kino (Kino Makoto) - "Sincerity of a tree" (Ki no makoto)
    • Minako Aino (Aino Minako) - "Pretty girl of love" (Ai no minako)
    • C'est la vie - one of Minako's songs in the program which is also a reference to her alter ego: Sailor V.
  • The costumes for the Golem SoldiersIcon-crosswiki.png from Kyōryū Sentai ZyurangerIcon-crosswiki.png a.k.a. the Putty PatrollersIcon-crosswiki.png from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1)Icon-crosswiki.png are used in episode 37 as the cloaked youma.

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