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Queen Beryl
Gender: Female
Villain Type: Queen
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Dark Kingdom
First Appearance: [[]]
Last Appearance: [[]]
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Actor: Aya Sugimoto

Queen Beryl is the main antagonist of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Sealed away for one thousand years, Beryl returned to take what she believes is her rightful place as ruler of the planet Earth. Queen Beryl's scheme involved resurrecting Queen Metalia, by harvesting human energy. Beryl used a combination of mind-control & manipulation to force the Shitennou to do her bidding, such as collect energy for Metalia, find the Princess, & obtain the Silver Crystal. Unfortunately for her plans, her control were not absolute. Jadeite & Nephrite were rivals for her affections. Zoisite was more loyal to Prince Endymion than to her; & Kunzite had set his sights on taking Queen Metalia's power for himself.

Beryl also desired to bring Prince Endymion, whom she loved but who scorned her in the past life, to the Dark Kingdom. She was jealous of Serenity of having him. She created a shadow of herself, Mio Kuroki, whom she sent to Earth to torment Usagi. Mio also tried to seduce Mamoru into subsuming, but when that failed, she resorted to threatening the lives of the Shitennou. She forced Nephrite to kill himself as an example. The end result was Endymion reluctantly coming to the Dark Kingdom, but Princess Serenity was awakened inside Tsukino Usagi & was not pleased with what was happening. Beryl had Jadeite implant a cursed stone in Mamoru's body that drained his life into a painting whenever he thought about Usagi. Eventually, Queen Beryl realized that Queen Metalia's powers were going to destroy the planet. Since this went against Beryl's plan to rule the planet, she attempted to prevent Metalia's full awakening, but it was too late, she had already gained too much power. Endymion sealed Metalia's power & within himself, but it eventually took him over as Metalia Endymion. After Sailor Moon was forced to kill him & lost control, she became Princess Sailor Moon & destroyed the planet & the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl died as her castle crumbled around her, with Jadeite staying by her side even after being released from her control.


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