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Gender: Male
Villain Type: Impactor
Show: Chouseishin Gransazer
First Appearance: Attack! The Impactors
Last Appearance: Rise! The Ulra Star God of the Water
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Actor: Ryuji Takaoka
Impactor Radia
Radia cloaked

Impactor Radia (インパクターラディア Inpakutā Radia) in an Impactor in Chouseishin Gransazer.


Impactor Radia, who came to earth along with Lucia, is a hot-headed & fierce fighter who assumes the guise of a blond haired man in silvery attire. He has romantic feelings for Lucia, though having ill feelings towards Logia in spite of his forced-respect for him. In his silver-armored fighting form, Radia uses the enormous Mega Axe in his armor. He presented an interest in the Gransazers, deeming them too weak to stand a chance against him in one-on-one fights. But Gorbion's interference forces Radia to escape, swearing a vendetta on Gorbion since. But when Lucia is wounded, Radia decides to complete the mission on his own. He fought Gorbion & Pisces & enlarged into a giant. Gans arrived & the gathered Water Tribe awoke Leviathan. He refused to retreat from the fight & is killed by Leviathan, proving his pride was his weakness.


Radia cloaked

Impactor Radia Cloaked Form

Radia fighting form

Impactor Radia Fighting Form


  • Mega Axe

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