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Raja XX
Number of episodes: 1
First episode: The World Has Changed
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Original airing: none (pilot stage)
Raja XX: In the New Age

Raja XX (Raha Double X) is a Philippine tokusatsu made-for-TV pilot produced in late 2011 by Xhots Studios. It was independently produced. The show borrows very loosely from elements of Philippine history to create a royalty-based toku show.

The story centers on a young man who's revealed to be the latest in a long line of royal warriors destined to defeat the Adarna, a mystical bird-woman who has been amassing an army of soldiers in her search for some magical stones found in the bodies of her victims.

Raja XX's pilot was picked up for a limited-screening independent release with an expanded storyline and cast as Raja XX: In the New Age.


Raja Rumabon I 7 Jamir


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