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Raja XX: In the New Age
A movie for Raja XX
Written by Francis Penaflor
Production Order
Raja XX

Raja XX: In the New Age (Raha Double X: Sa Makabagong Panahon) is a Philippine tokusatsu low-budget indie film produced in early 2012 by Xhots Studios and Obscure Productions. It was independently produced. The film takes cues from the low budget pilot Raja XX.

The story changes from being one man's quest to battle the Adarna to a team's quest to prevent the Adarna from finding the Mystic Dagger.

Raja XX's pilot was picked up for a limited-screening independent release with an expanded storyline and cast as Raja XX: In the New Age as part of Digifest 2012 in the Philippines.


Raja Rumabon II Jamir
Datu Habagat Jose
Sultan Masikat Jonathan