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"Here I go! Go!"
Robot Detective K
Robot Detective K
Robot Detective K
Gender: Male
Show: Robotto Keiji
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Murderous Salesman of the Bad Organization
Last Full Appearance: The Bad Organization Dies on Mars!
Number of Episode Appearances: 26
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Actor: Takeshi Nakajima (Suit)

Hideo Nakamura (Voice)

K Suit

Robot Detective K (or just "K") is a criminal investigation robot that has been assigned to the special forensics team of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He has both a high degree of intelligence and emotions. The color of his eyes also vary with changes in emotion, normally yellow, when angry and in combat they turn red or blue when sad. K has no human form, but when not in battle, K dresses up in human clothes and has a human-like personality.


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Abilities & EquipmentEdit


Robot Detective K

Usually yellow Flat cap red in blazer figure ( trench coat but sometimes drape a), when to fight crime robot of Bado is shed along with the shout of "Go!", to exhibit five times the combat power of normal. Weapons robot destruction gun right chest. Arsenal

  • Robot Destruction Gun: A high powered gun concealed in K's chest that is loaded with explosive rounds. This is K's primary finisher for destroying BAD Robots.
  • Infrared scope: In addition to the spectral analysis device mounted in the eye, can be found footprints of the robot is operated infrared scope. In addition, telephoto scope that was used in the lights and Episode 19 is also equipped. In Episode 23 I was insight at a glance the cyborg operatives of Bado.
  • Small monitor: The left breast of K are small monitor is equipped with, and reflect the image. Mainly used in radar display, was reflect the image is only the second episode.
  • Radar: Radar that is built into K. For use with transmitter to capture the transmitter within one kilometers to be displayed on the small monitor left chest. Microwave the transmitter, ultrasonic, there are types such as reflector for reflecting radio waves emitted K. It is also possible to switch to the 10 ounces or more of gold detection possible gold detectors. The first 18 episodes later effective range has become within 2 km.
  • Self-rotation: Ability that was used when it was caught in Koshikakeman in the ninth episode. Themselves to high-speed rotation I was Furihodoi the Koshikakeman.
  • Jet injection: I fly a jet injection from the foot. During the dogfight of the first 13 episodes of Dokugasuman, I dropped hit the enemy in the "megaton Fight" of kick dive. In addition, you are used to escape from the hideout of Bado Island in the first 21 episodes.
  • Glasses: In the first match of the first 14 episodes of Ganrikiman, K, which knocked out the both eyes are destroyed by light rays, sunglasses type of the light-blocking goggles wearing in the second round. It deviates in combat, it was again done both eyes. "TV magazine Hero Daizenshu" ( Kodansha , 1986), the "filter", is in the play is referred to as "glasses".
  • Jet shower: I put out the water and extinguishing fluid from the hand. The former rinse the foam of Moguruman in Episode 17, the latter turned off the flame of Bakuraiman in the first 24 episodes.
  • Metal sonar: To detect metal by emitting sound waves from the ear. Used to check the inside of the cargo at the 15th episode.
  • Super finder: Detectors for use in removing from the waist. Used to track the Moguruman fled in the ground in Episode 17.
  • Bomb: The area just to the hole of Moguruman fled in the ground, fuse type of circular bomb.

K Blow Up mode

Blow Up Mode

Been enhanced remodeling in order to compete with Bado in Episode 22, cannon to the head, missile was equipped to shoulder. After that both eyes systemic changes red becomes a silver with the voice of "blow up!", Entering the battle mode [10] . Jump force 30 meters. It is equipped with a gravity-pressure adjustment circuit, also possible activities in the 1000 meters of deep sea and Mars.


  • Red Alloy: When in Blow Up Mode, K's armor is composed of an unnamed red alloy that can withstand more brutal attacks such as rocket launchers, armor piercing bullets and explosives that his normal blue metal skin could not withstand.
  • Weapons: K's Blow Up Mode is armed with a variety of weapons including rocket launchers in his waist and shoulders and 3 mini-turret guns enclosed in his head, all of which could be concealed when not in use. He can also equip a machine gun or drill attachment to his right arm for added offensive capability and for removing obstructions.
  • Flame radiation: I radiate the flame from the hand. Used Reitoman in Episode 18.
  • Whips: In episode 20, is used to hit back the Mach chops Karateman of "Mach chop-back".
  • Machine Gun: Attachment that is mounted on the right hand. The use when fighting in the first 21 episodes of Bado island.
  • Cannon of the Head: Deadly weapon that has been equipped by the power-up of Episode 22. Three Homon pops out from the head, and missiles blasting rays, also launching a special missile capable of human detection.
  • K missile: Deadly weapon that has been equipped by the power-up. Missile to fire from both shoulders. And incorporating the guiding device.
  • K rocket: 3 series of rapid-fire cannon that is mounted on the right hand. It has been used in 25 episodes - 23. Designation of "K rocket" is only the first 25 episodes.
  • Drill cut: I be equipped with attachment drill in the right hand. It was used in the first 24 episodes.

The JokerEdit

The Joker is K's personal patrol car, a modified Nissan Fairlady Z (Datsun 240Z) with gullwing doors and the ability to fly.

K Joker

The Joker



Robot Detective K is featured as #47 in the 1986 archive compilation video Toei 100 Great Heroes Super Fight.


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