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Duke Watari
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Boss of Panther Claw
Show: Cutie Honey: The Live
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: [[]]
Last Appearance: [[]]
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Actor: Mark Musashi

Duke Saiah Anthony Watari IV (デューク清也アンソニー渡4世 Dyūku Seiya Ansonī Watari Yonsei?) is a bilingual gentleman who switches between English and Japanese very frequently. His public face is that of the president of an IT company. In reality, he is one of the four bosses of Panther Claw.

Character History Edit

He is on his fourth and fifth foot blades, the previous ones being pulled out by Sister Yuki. However, after he was beaten by both Honey and Miki, he runs into a confused Yuki, who kills him in a brutal fashion with her chakram. His remains were subsequently picked up by Yuji, who remakes him into a mindless cyborg. Once Yuki becomes complete and once again fights him in his mindless state, she burns a part of his face off, and just when it seems like he's been shut down for good, gets back up with his usual, "SHIT!" and kicked Yuji with his foot blade. Before he can fight Yuki, however, his cybernetic body fails him, and he falls to the floor, without ending his last sentence, "You little bit...."


Though he is composed most of the time, he possesses an extremely short temper and is prone to yelling "Shit!" when something bad–no matter how minor–happens to him. He has a friendly rivalry with Yuji Nakajo.

Modus and ArsenalEdit

His role in Panther Claw is to create the cybernetic "human weapons" that they use as henchmen and in auctions to sell for profit. He accomplishes this using a medical care group as a front, using hospitals to change innocent patients into brainwashed bio-mechanical weapons.

He can produce blades from his feet and possesses incredible fighting abilities.



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Behind the ScenesEdit

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