Decade Camera
"I wish to capture this world"

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This article is about a/an ranger in Ninja Captor.
Water-Stealth Captor 2
Sakon Shijou
Gender: Male
Show: Ninja Captor
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: 7 Ninjas Standing at Tokyo Tower
Last Full Appearance: The End of Nindou Kurayami
Number of Episode Appearances: 43
Full list of appearances
Actor: Taikou Rin
Water-Stealth Captor 2

Sakon Shijou (四条 左近 Shijō Sakon) is Water-Stealth Captor 2 (水忍キャプター2 Mizu Nin Kyaputā Tsū) of the Ninja Captors. 22 years old. The junior in a North-South University. Having the power of manipulating water freely.


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Water-Stealth Captor 2Edit


  • Weapon: Rapid Stream Gun (激流砲 Gekiryū Hō)