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Seiji Hayami
Gender: Male
Ally Type: private eye
Show: Cutie Honey: The Live
Homeworld: Earth
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Actor: Shouma Yamamoto

Seiji Hayami (早見 青児 Hayami Seiji) is a private eye who assists Cutie Honey in her mission.

Character History Edit

Seiji Hayami is a young, excitable private detective who helps support Honey. His dream is to write a book on the "demonic things in modern Japan's capitalism", and to this end he lives in a slum so as to better understand the dark side of society. He met Honey 14 months ago, when he was helping a girl get her "notebook" from a gang and was running away from that gang. She was disguised as a fortune teller and transformed to fight the gang members. In the present, Honey is helping him with his detective cases.

He constantly goes after different women. He confesses his love for Saotome Miki in a letter that he gives her, which she then proceeded to tear up in front of him. He also expresses feelings for Yuki, but she also rejects him. Although he is rejected by both girls, he still continues to court them, especially Yuki.

Some time after the final battle was over, Hayami returned to the Kisaragi residence to gather up Doctor Kisaragi's research. His original intention was to safeguard the information from Panther Claw and similar criminal organizations, but after discovering Doctor Kisaragi's notebook and learning the truth about Honey's creation, as well as Miki and Yuki, he instead throws all of Doctor Kisaragi's work in a burn barrel, effectively destroying it.



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