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Gender: Female
Show: Shougeki Gouraigan
Color: White
Homeworld: Chou Shinkai
First Appearance: Dual-Gifted Dame
Last Full Appearance: The First and Last Time
Number of Episode Appearances: 10
Full list of appearances
Actor: Kasuya Nami

Shou is a Hikaribito, one of the 5 heroes of Shougeki Gouraigan and the only female of the Earth Hikaribitos.

Character HistoryEdit

Shou was a Hikiaribito who became a Kageribito by obsessing over her beauty and turning people into butterflies and stealing their forms for herself to try to attain perfect beauty.

When she arrived on Earth, she would steal the forms of women she saw and mistake them as the most beautiful in the world, to which she would find that to be incorrect and repeat the process multiple times before stealing the form of Hitomi. After Hitomi's friend Ryouko sees her and thinks she is the real Hitomi, she takes her to a dating session where she finds out that Hitomi is a gloomy, plain girl who has trouble getting a boyfriend. Taking pity on the girl, she spares her from becoming a butterfly and comforts her, telling her the Earth is full of beauty and Hitomi's hidden desire to see the world destroyed is wrong because she does not see the beauty of the world. Gou bursts in and challenges her to a fight on The Battlefield, to which she accepts. She manages to take advantage of Gou's honor letting him be unable to hit a woman and repeatedly fires a barrage of arrows from her bow in the Weapon Advent round which Gou blocks with his sword. The arrows pile onto the sword and surround him until he is buried in them. Not wanting to lose, Gou summons his fire power in a concentrated burst, freeing himself and sending his sword flying towards her landing a direct hit. The arrows rain down from the sky and put her in danger but Gou shields her with his body. Losing the duel, she agrees to be Gou's mistress rather than his subordinate and joins the group as a part time employee of the pawn shop.


Shou is a vain but tough woman who is infatuated and obsessed with beauty. After losing the duel with Gou, she tries to make romantic advances at him and refers to herself as his "mistress", much to Gou's dismay.



Weapon AdventEdit

  • ???: A white, stringless archery bow that fires energy arrows. Shou can produce multiple arrows and fire them in rapid sucession


  • Her true form resembles that of a Moth.


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