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Silver Kamen (シルバー仮面, Shirubā Kamen, lit. "Silver Mask") is a 1971 tokusatsu produced by Senkosha. Starting from Episode 11, the title was change to Silver Kamen Giant (シルバー仮面ジャイアント, Shirubā Kamen Jaianto, lit. "Silver Mask Giant").


A Rocket designer, Dr. Kasuga, was killed by Alien Tigris who aims to prevent a spacecraft known as The Photon Rocket from being constructed. With the Doctor's house burned to the ground, the Kasuga siblings, consisting of 5 children of Dr. Kasuga, luckily prevented the destruction of the Photon Rocket blueprint.

They decided to fulfill their father's last wish to complete the construction of Photon Rocket, with the help of their father's acquaintances across Japan. While fighting against various Aliens desiring to prevent the completion of the Photon Rocket. When things get tricky, The second son Koji Kasuga through the use of "Silver Power" transforms into Silver Kamen to protect those in great danger.

By Episode 11, the rocket is completed and successfully launched into space. When in the destination, The gigantic Alien Southern attacks, and destroyed the rocket. At the same time, Silver Kamen gets overflowed with Photon Energy and evolved to Silver Kamen Giant, and soon later defeats Alien Southern. With the arrival of mostly Gigantic Aliens, The Kasuga's survival to keep their father's work alive gets harder and harder.


Kasuga siblings

Silver Kamen Koji Kasuga
  • Koichi Kasuga
  • Hitomi Kasuga
  • Kouzou Kasuga
  • Haruka Kasuga


  • Katsuichiro Kasuga
  • Michio Ohara
  • Kikuo Ohara
  • Dr. Tsuyama
  • Rika Tsuyama

Aliens and Monsters

  • Alien Tigris
  • Alien Killgis
  • Alien Shine
  • Alien Jurie
  • Alien Gorgon
  • Alien Chimera
  • Alien Solomon
  • Alien Domino
  • Alien Titan
  • Alien Southern
  • Alien Rohm
  • Sasoringa
  • Alien Norman
  • Alien Porto
  • Alien Mork
  • Alien Emma
  • Yamashiro
  • Alien Killy
  • Girasumon
  • Alien Inbasu
  • Alien G4
  • Alien Orres
  • Alien Daschsund
  • Alien Burner
  • Alien Akiron
  • Alien Wiley
  • Alien Puma


  1. Hometown Earth
  2. Earthlings of the Enemy Universe
  3. My Father Is in the Fire
  4. Never Ending Journey
  5. The Pupil of Tomorrow
  6. Wilderness of the Wandering Beauty
  7. School Ties
  8. Call of the Cold-blooded Alien
  9. Chased by a Strange Town
  10. Burning Horizon
  11. Jumbo Alien vs. Giant Kamen
  12. Fear of the Soling
  13. The Soling Tokyo Onslaught
  14. Silver Horror
  15. Mysterious Cosmic Bodhisattva
  16. Explosion!! Silver Liner
  17. Blind Silver Shuriken
  18. Blow! Silver Hammer
  19. Reverse Silver Whirlwind Sword
  20. Special!! Silver Missile
  21. Silver Arrow Barb
  22. Bullet!! Missle Kick
  23. Tokyo in the White Desert
  24. The Target Is You!
  25. Shine!! Silver Rainbow
  26. Andromeda 2001


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  • Originally broadcast from November 28, 1971-May 21, 1972. Some of the production staff of the second half of Silver Kamen were formerly of Tsuburaya Pro. and worked on Ultraseven. The new staff retooled the show to have more Ultra-like elements in an attempt to save it from low ratings. Unfortunately, this retool backfired and the show was cancelled.

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