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Specter is a one-shot tokusatsu short film made by Konami Entertainment and Buildup Co.


Numerous lifeforms that transcend our common sense exist across the universe
As there are friendly and useful lifeforms, there are others who intend to destroy or conquer our planet: the invaders.
On and after 1960, successive invader incidents occurred.
In consequence of these inexplicable events, the UN formed the Space Vigilance Federation in 2000.
And in accordance to the Space Vigilance Law, the Earth Defense Organization was created.
Many war and combat professionals were gathered from across the world.
All of them, having greatly trained body, mind and combat abilities,
receive a combat Turbo-suit from the orbiting satellite and stand against the menaces from outer space.
The Earth Defense Department: Defenders of Earth...and its most powerful man, codename: SPECTER

Agent Tetsuya Teresaki is the local Earth Defender enforcer in Japan. After fulfilling his mission he was immediately assigned to deal with the threat of alien invaders trying to steal an alien artifact from a local archaeological research site.


The D.O.E.

The Defenders of Earth are agents of the Earth Defense Organization. The group consists of highly trained combat specialists and war veterans to deal with the threat of The Invaders, aliens who wish to steal, kill or generally threaten the planet. When a situation gets too intense for them to handle on their own, they can call Sato to transmit the Turbo Suit, an armored exosuit that boosts their strength and provides them with additional weapons.

Specter Tetsuya Terasaki
  • Captain: The chief of the D.O.E.
  • Sato: A computer A.I. that operates the DOE's surveillance satellite orbiting over Earth. She is in charge of assigning and observing field missions and advising and equipping operatives with weapons and Turbo Suits for their assignments.


  • Zangros


  • Tetsuya Terasaki: Shinji Kasahara (笠原 紳司, Kasahara Shinji)
  • Captain: Show Aikawa (哀川 翔, Aikawa Shō)
  • Assistant Makino: Hitomi Kurihara (栗原 瞳, Kurihara Hitomi)
  • Dr. Matsubara: Kenichiro Okada (岡田 謙一郎, Okada Ken'ichirō)
  • Invader Zangros: Daisuke Nagakura (永倉 大輔, Nagakura Daisuke)


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