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Spectreman (スペクトルマン, Supekutoruman) is a tokusatsu sci-fi TV series that was aired in Japan from 1971 to 1972, produced by P-Productions and created by producer Souji Ushio (or Tomio Sagisu). It also aired in the United States on Turner Broadcasting System between 1978 and 1980. A unaired pilot version of the series was shown in 1970.


Banished from the peaceful simian Planet E, the mad scientist Dr. Gori and his brutish assistant Karras [Lla in the Japanese version] search for a new planet to rule after Gori's plot to conquer Planet E had been foiled by its government. Coming across the Earth, Gori is captivated by its beauty, but is appalled by its inhabitants' misuse of its environment, leading to severe pollution (a huge topic back when this series was made, especially since Tokyo was the most polluted city in the world at the time), so mankind must be quickly conquered if this planet is to be inhabitable, so he plots to, ironically, use the very same pollution that's plaguing the Earth to create horrible giant rampaging monsters to wipe out and/or enslave mankind.

Fortunately, hope comes in the form of the Nebula 71 Star, a Saturn-like artificial satellite that observes the Earth incognito. Fearing that Gori may eventually make the Earth uninhabitable, they dispatch Spectreman, their super-cyborg agent, to battle the menace of the mad apeman. Spectreman disguises himself as a Japanese man named Jôji Gamô to walk among the humans and scout out Gori's weekly menace for the Nebula 71 Star. He works with a government-run group called the Pollution G-Men, run by Chief Kurata. This group investigates phenomena involving pollution, but they don't (until late in the show's run) have the facilities to handle giant monsters, so unbeknownst to them, their comical-yet-mysterious teammate Jòji disappears on them, only to help them as Spectreman!

As the series comes to a conclusion, Dr. Gori is defeated and driven to face Spectreman by himself in the last episode. While the hero tries to convince him that his remarkable intelligence should be put at the service of good rather than be used for destruction and tyranny, Gori eventually commits suicide, after replying that he'd rather die than be denied his supremacy over Earthlings.


Spectreman Gamou Joji





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  • Dr. Gori and Lla made an appearance in Cromartie High: The Movie.
  • Zeron originally was used for a test pilot demo of a series called Jaguar Man.

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