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Spider-Man (スパイダーマン, Supaidāman) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV series aired from May 17, 1978 to March 14, 1979 on TV Tokyo 12 Channel. It was produced by Toei Company, Ltd and slightly based off the Marvel Comics series of the same name. "Spider-Man" is notable because it is Toei's first series to use the concept of the hero fighting a monster which enlarges, requiring the hero to summon a giant robot to battle it. This became a staple of Super Sentai beginning with Battle Fever J.

To distinguish from the mainstream version of the character, this series and its titular character are often colloquially referred to as Toei's Spider-Man, Japanese Spider-Man, or Supaidaman.


Young motorcycle racer Takuya Yamashiro sees a UFO falling to earth, in fact a space warship named the "Marveller" from the planet "Spider". Takuya's father Dr. Hiroshi Yamashiro, a space archaeologist, investigates the case, but is killed upon finding the spaceship. The incident also brings the attention of Professor Monster and his evil Iron Cross Army (鉄十字団, Tetsu Jūji Dan), an alien group that plans to rule the universe.

Takuya follows his father to the Marveller and discovers the last survivor of Spider, who gives him a bracelet that gives him special spider-like powers and the ability to control the ship and transform it into a giant robot called "Leopardon" for battle. Using his powers, he fights Professor Monster's army and other threats to Earth under the name Spider-Man.



Spider‑Man Takuya Yamashiro


  • Hitomi Sakuma
  • Shinko Yamashiro
  • Takuji Yamashiro
  • Dr. Yamashiro
  • Garia (For giving him what he needs)
  • Ichiro Murakami
  • Juzo Mamiya
  • Detective Go Tachibana
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Iron Cross Army

Machine Bem

  • Machine Bem Boukunryu (1): Powers include size changing, left arm pendulum that fires missiles, a metal hood for headbutting, and twin blades for the right arm.
  • Machine Bem Soutoukin (2): Powers include head levitation, head lasers, size changing, and hook arms.
  • Machine Bem Genyouchu (3): Powers include eye flashes that cause hypnosis, pincer claw hands, high jumping, size changing, wing hurricane winds, and a grappling hook mouth on a wire.
  • Machine Bem Mer-man (4): Powers include swimming, a blade in each arm fin, head gas called Machine Gas, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Chojinju (5): Powers include size changing and six cannons for the left hand.
  • Machine Bem Robacular (6): Powers include enhanced smelling, size changing, and three missile launchers for the left hand.
  • Machine Bem Sasora (7): Powers include burrowing, hand pincer claws, launchable forehead poison needles, size changing, and phasing through matter.
  • Machine Bem Cat Demon Monster (8):Powers include manipulating electricity around her, an entrapping detachable tail, high jumping, venomous claws, size changing, mouth flames, and a launchable right arm attached to a chain.
  • Machine Bem Kabuton (9): Powers include a laser beam from the right pectoral, size changing, a left hand bladed claw, a head horn, and retracting limbs for a slide attack.
  • Machine Bem Snake Woman (10): Powers include a human disguise, a snake for the left arm that emits fire, and sleeping mouth mist.
  • Machine Bem Sea Devil (Movie): Powers include swimming, mouth torpedoes, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Shinkaioh (11): Powers include spraying cold foam from the mouth, a clam form, a venomous trident, size changing, and right hand missiles.
  • Machine Bem Biker Monster (13): Powers include acid globs from the tongue, a scimitar, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Big Bat (14): Powers include ceiling hanging, a human disguise, surveillance bats, high jumping, size changing, and a right hand ax.
  • Machine Bem Killer Unicorn (15): Powers include dual horn cannons and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Centipede (16): Powers include size changing and a left arm spike.
  • Machine Bem Samson (17): Powers include a rocky body, size changing, and a chained mace.
  • Machine Bem Carnivorous Plant (18): Powers include mouth gusts, mouth acid spray, remote vines, camouflage, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Kamenger (19): Powers include swimming, a left hand clamp, and dual torso cannons.
  • Machine Bem Primitive Man (20): Powers include a spiked club and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Tanto Buffalo (21): Powers include a machine gun left arm and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Skeleton Beast (22): Powers include teleportation, creating illusions, a staff, grenades, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Sorceress Beast (23): Powers include a machine gun in the butt, emitting thick fog, an empowering laser from the right eye, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Cockroach Machine (24): Powers include a toxic gas sprayer on the head and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Ganima (25): Powers include torso foam, teleportation, a machine gun on the left claw, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Volcano Beast (26): Powers include body sparks, size changing, and mouth rockets.
  • Machine Bem Magni Catfish (27): Powers include magnetism, detection, a tentacle under each eye, size changing, and dual head harpoon cannons.
  • Machine Bem Bomb Wolf (28): Powers include bombs, a right arm 7-tube gatling gun, twin back missiles, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Monkfish (30): Powers include a head lamp laser and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Kinokongar (31): Powers include hallucination mushrooms from the body, size changing, and a machine gun in the torso.
  • Machine Bem Electric Worm (32): Powers include burrowing and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Fire Fox (33): Powers include entering dreams, a left arm flamethrower, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Scrapman (34): Powers include a left wrist machine gun, an acidic gas sprayer called scrap gas, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Tiger Pump (35): Powers include dual hip 3-tube gatling guns and size changing.
  • Doctor Miracle (36): Powers include shape shifting and size changing.
  • Enma Devil (37): Powers include a blowgun that fires poison darts and bullets, a staff, a reviving potion, invisibility, and size changing.
  • Machine Bem Toothache Alligator (38): Powers include sharp teeth, swimming, and size changing.
  • Super Human Fighter (39): Powers include a pair of sais and size changing.
  • Great Wrestler (39): TBA
  • Air Bomber (40): Powers include a machine gun on each wing and size changing.




  • Spider Protector: Spider-Man's suit.
  • Spider Bracelet: Spider-Man's henshin device.
  • Spider Strings: A rope made of spider webbing shot from Spider-Man's Spider Bracelet.
  • Spider Net: A net made of spider webbing also shot from Spider-Man's Spider Bracelet.
  • Spider Machine GP-7: Spider-Man's flying car.
  • Leopardon: Spider-Man's mecha.


  1. The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group!! (復讐の時は来たれり! 撃て鉄十字団!!, Fukushū no Toki wa Kitareri! Ute Tetsu Jūji Dan!!)
  2. Mysterious World! The Man Who Follows His Fate (怪奇の世界! 宿命に生きる男, Kaiki no Sekai! Shukumei ni Ikiru Otoko)
  3. Mysterious Thief 001 VS. Spider-Man (怪盗001vsくも男, Kaitō Daburu-Ō Wan Tai Kumo Otoko)
  4. The Terrifying Half Merman! Calling the Miracle Silver Thread (恐怖の半魚人! 奇蹟を呼ぶ銀の糸, Kyōfu no Han Kyojin! Kiseki o Yobu Gin no Ito)
  5. Crash Machine GP-7! The Oath Siblings (激突マシンGP-7! 兄弟の誓い, Gekitotsu Mashin Jī-Pī-Sebun! Kyōdai no Chikai)
  6. Shuddering Laboratory! Devilish Professor Monster (戦慄の実験室! 悪魔のモンスター教授, Senritsu no Shikkenshitsu! Akuma no Monsutā Kyōshu)
  7. Fearful Hit Tune! Song Dancing Murder Rock (恐ろしきヒット曲! 歌って踊る殺人ロック, Osoroshiki Hitto Kyoku! Katte Odoru Satsujin Rokku)
  8. Once Upon a Time in the Mysteriousless World: The Cursed Cat Mound (世にも不思議な昔ばなし 呪いの猫塚, Yo ni mo Fushigi na Mukashi ba Nashi Noroi no Neko Zuka)
  9. Motion Accessory is a Loveful Beetle Insect Spy (動くアクセサリーは恋のカブト虫スパイ, Ugoku Akusesarī wa Koi no Kabuto Mushi Supai)
  10. To the Flaming Hell: See the Tears of the Snake Woman (炎地獄にへび女の涙を見た, Honō Jigoku ni Hebi Onna no Namida o Mita)
  11. Professor Monster's Ultra Poisoning (モンスター教授のウルトラ毒殺, Monsutā Kyōshu no Urutora Dokusatsu)
  12. Becoming Splendid: To the Murderous Machine of Transformation (華麗なる殺人マシーンへの変身, Karei Naru Satsujin Mashīn e no Henshin)
  13. The Skull Group VS. The Devilish Hearse (ドクロ団対悪魔の霊柩車, Dokuro Dan Tai Akuma no Reikyūsha)
  14. Giving Father! Fight to the Song of the Hero (父に捧げよ 戦えぬ勇者の歌を, Chichi ni Sasage yo Tatakae nu Yūsha no Uta o)
  15. The Life of Our Arrangement (ぼくたちの命の約束, Boku tachi no Inochi no Yakusoku)
  16. Fine Dog! Run to the Under of Father (名犬よ 父のもとへ走れ, Meiken yo Chichi no moto e Hashire)
  17. Pro Wrestler Samson's Tears (プロレスラー サムソンの涙, Puro Resurā Samuson no Namida)
  18. In the Mother's Chest: Resurrect the Young Boys (母の胸に甦る少年, Haha no Mune ni Yomigaeru Shōnen)
  19. The Boy Phantom: To the Villageless Map (まぼろしの少年 地図にない村, Maboroshi no Shōnen Chizu ni nai Mura)
  20. Riddle: Calling the Riddle of My Secret Birth (謎が謎を呼ぶ私の出生の秘密, Nazo ga Nazo o Yobu Watashi no Shuushō no Himitsu)
  21. Fall to the Great Skies: Father's Love (大空に散る父の愛, Ōzora ni Chiru Chichi no Ai)
  22. Shedding Tears to the Dark Fate: Father and Child (暗い運命に泣け 父と子, Kurai Unmei ni Nake Chichi to Ko)
  23. To the Love Academy of the Homeless Children (家なき子たちに愛の学園を, Ienakiko Tachi ni Ai no Gakuen o)
  24. Cockroach Boy: Great War (ゴキブリ少年大戦争, Gokiburi Shōnen Dai Sensō)
  25. Treasure, Dog, and Double Grow Human (秘宝と犬と複成人間, Hihō to Inu to Fuku Sei Ningen)
  26. To the Absolute Crisis: The Imitation Hero (絶対ピンチのにせものヒーロー, Zettai Pinchi no Nisemono Hīrō)
  27. Farewell War Buddy: Beloved German Shepherd (さらば戦友 愛しのセパード, Saraba Sen'yū Itoshi no Sepādo)
  28. The Front of the Alley: Boys' Detective Group (駅前横町の少年探偵団, Ekimae Yokochō no Shōnen Tantei Dan)
  29. Hurry, GP-7: Time of Stop Sign (急げGP-7 時間よ止まれ, Isoge Jī-Pī-Sebun Jikan yo Tomare)
  30. Good Luck, Beautiful Police Officer (ガンバレ美人おまわりさん, Ganbare Bijin Omawarisan)
  31. There Is No Child-Taking Detective Tomorrow (明日なき子連れ刑事, Ashita naki Kotsure Keiji)
  32. Sweet Whispering Enchantress (甘くささやく妖女, Amaku Sasayaku Yōjo)
  33. The Boy Teases the Horrible Wild Girl (男の子をイビる野性の凄い少女, Otokonoko o Ibiru Yasei no Sugoi Shōjo)
  34. Surprising Camera: Murderous Event (びっくりカメラ殺人事件, Bikkuri Kamera Satsujin Jiken)
  35. From the Unexplored Amazon: Here Comes the Mummified Beautiful Woman (秘境アマゾンから来たミイラ美女, Hikyō Amazon Kara Kita Mīra Bijo)
  36. The Onion Silver Mask and the Boys' Detective Group (たまねぎ鉄仮面と少年探偵団, Tamanegi Gin Kamen to Shōnen Tantei Dan)
  37. From the Secret Messenger of Hell: Great King Enma (地獄からの密使 えん魔大王, Jigoku Kara no Missha Enma Daiō)
  38. The First Tin Plate Evening Star and the Boys' Detective Group (ブリキの一番星と少年探偵団, Buriki no Ichibanboshi to Shōnen Tantei Dan)
  39. Sports World: One Great Meeting (格闘技世界一大会, Kakutōki Sekai Ichidai Kai)
  40. Farewell Zero Battle Tricks (さらばゼロ戦の謎, Saraba Zero Sen no Nazo)
  41. The Hero's Shining Hot Blood (輝け熱血の勇者, Kagayake Nekketsu no Yūsha)


A special interview titled Stan Lee Interview in USA: Toei Spider-Man meets American Spider-Man was featured in the DVD release box in 2004.


A theatrical version of Spider-Man was shown on the Toei Manga Matsuri film festival on July 22, 1978. It was directed by series director Kōichi Takemoto and written by Susumu Takaku. The movie was the first appearance of the character of Juzo Mamiya, who subsequently appeared in three episodes of the series (episodes 11, 12 and 14). Because of this, the movie takes place between episodes 10 and 11. In Marvel's video site for the series, the movie is listed as "Episode 0".


  • Takuya Yamashiro (山城 拓也, Yamashiro Takuya): Shinji Tōdō (藤堂 新二, Tōdō Shinji)
  • Hitomi Sakuma: Rika Miura
  • Shinko Yamashiro: Izumi Ōyama
  • Takuji Yamashiro: Yoshiharu Yabuki
  • Professor Monster: Mitsuo Andō
  • Amazoness: Yukie Kagawa
  • Garia: Toshiaki Nishizawa
  • Dr. Hiroshi Yamashiro: Fuyuki Murakami
  • Jūzō Mamiya: Noboru Nakaya
  • Rita: Rie Rinehart
  • Bella: Tina Margo
  • Narrator: Tōru Ōhira
  • Spider-Man (suit actor): Hirofumi Koga

Spider-Man Actors/Actress who have appeared in the Super Sentai Series


  • After Spider-Man, Toei was originally going to create a series starring a new character called Captain Japan, a Japanese equivalent for Captain America. This idea eventually evolved into Battle Fever J. Japanese adaptations and character designs based on 70's Marvel Superheroes "3-D Man" and "Moon Knight" were to also have been made by Toei as apart of their agreement with Marvel but these too fell through.
  • Until 2013, Marvel had the entire series available to view for free on its website. This is most likely due to licensing issues with Toei, as some of the characters of the show were created by them and thus trademarked to Toei Co LTD.
    • The same problem applies to Toei, as they borrowed the rights to Spider-Man character from Marvel and thus any potential future video release is impossible unless authorized by Marvel Entertainment, who is now owned by the Walt Disney Company.
      • The companies did manage an agreement in 2005 for a Japanese DVD Release, but the commercials advertised that this would be the ONLY time it would ever see release, as both companies would not agree a deal to future re-releases or a Region 1 DVD release.
    • This can be compared to the infamous licensing issues which plagued the Batman 1966 TV series, as legal battles between 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers kept the series held from getting any kind of home video release for 48 years.
  • In 2014, the Toku Spider-Man and Leopardon appeared in American comics for the first time as part of the Spider-Verse-related events which crossed-over many of the existing Spider-Men throughout comics and other media. They have made several appearances in Marvel Comics since.
  • The scenes of Spider-Man walking in downtown Shinjuku in Episode 23 were shot guerrilla style, since the producers did not ask for a permit to film those scenes.
  • For many years, there has been a widely believed falsehood in Japan that Toei's Spider-Man inspired the original Spider-Man for taking a a forward‐bent posture.[1][2][3][4]

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