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Episodes are integral units of the wiki and hold the wealth of information on the wiki into organized chronological sections. Thus episode pages must be treated with utmost care.

Using the Infobox

Episode articles have to feature the previous and next episodes for navigability. To assist in maintaining continuity, movies or specials that fit in between episodes are also listed. In turn special and movie articles feature both the in-continuity chronology as well as the production order (what special/movie came before and after).


The cast list can just feature the entire cast, without discriminating from Primary and Guest Cast as the meanings of both can be arbitrary.

Citations on Episode Pages

Synopses and plots no longer need to be cited as any watcher can verify the information. However production-related notes and trivia are to be referenced at all times.

Citing episodes on other pages

Use the storylink function to provide episodal references. To reference the beginning of the finale of Kamen Rider Fourze you can use {{Storylink|Finale: Youthful Galaxy}} to get "[Finale: Youthful Galaxy]" instead of saying "in the episode 'Finale: Youthful Galaxy'". This keeps the article in-universe.