"Super Sentai 199" vs. "Listing all teams"Edit

We really need to end this edit war regarding the representative teams for this movie, mostly because when you say "Super Sentai 199", you generally mean "every sentai out there thus far...well not counting Go-Busters but they're not part of that number". At this point, we really should just state the 199 (which means all of the first 35 teams), but then notate specific cases of characters who will have dialogue or be someone more than merely some random stuntman in this movie. (the Gokaiger and Go-busters obviously but also Akaranger, Red One and Gosei Red; we know all the other teams will show up but there is no idea outside a few who else is going to matter or have dialogue and isn't just a stuntman) -StrangerAtaru 20:51, March 12, 2012 (UTC)

I think listing the teams is alright, just not, y'know, listing ALL the rangers. I agree about the ones with lines (have a note). -12px DcHallofJustice, Administrator, The Morphin Grid, Kamen Rider Wiki 12px 17:10, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

Gokai Changes in Taisen? Edit

Exactly how is a Gokai Change possible since the Gokaigers clearly released the 193 Ranger Keys at the end of the series? And is it actually confirmed that the Spade Ace picture is actually Captain MarvelousGaeaman788: admin on G-Wiki 17:03, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

We don't know til it happens. As for Spade Ace I don't know if it's confirmed. We do know that there'll be keys in the film.-12px DcHallofJustice, Administrator, The Morphin Grid, Kamen Rider Wiki 12px 17:06, March 16, 2012 (UTC)
By the way, it was 192 keys. AkaRed doesn't have one. Digifiend 23:10, March 16, 2012 (UTC)
There's a screenshot with the 173 rangers and 40 riders, so that probably means not all 199 will be in the finaleGaeaman788: admin on G-Wiki 21:18, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

About reactions of kamen riderxsuper sentai superhero taisen Edit


Do you know why i have to add this to the wiki page of superhero taisen:

"It earned Mixed Review and received some disappointment from fans of both franchise,But in its first week in theaters, Super Hero Taisen opened at the #1 spot in the Japanese box offices, edging out Case Closed: The Eleventh Striker."

Its because people need to learn about the reactions about this film so that why i have to add this. eventhough the sources are japanese and based on fans reactions. ~~Johnny1231423~~

As I said on your talk page, it is already on the page, in the first paragraph.  DigiRanger  Talk  PR/SS  KR  MH  Toku  Kikaider  GM  009  08:14,10/9/2012 

About Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen on Kamen Rider WikiEdit

Can any admins unlocked the Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen on Kamen Rider Wiki. We need to fix some information on this page.

Woodboy (talk) 09:07, November 24, 2012 (UTC)

What needs to be fixed?Gaeaman788 (talk) 16:46, November 24, 2012 (UTC)

The Gekiranger Gokai Change entry, for starters. There's a missing [ on a link. There's also a bunch of red links which should be linked to this wiki.  Digifiend  Talk  PR/SS  KR  MH  Toku  JD  Garo  TH  CG  UM  Logos  CLG  DW  00:19,11/25/2012 
Given that Dc is the one who locked it, it would be best if he did the lowering or whatever task needs to be performed.  DigiRanger  Talk  PR/SS  KR  MH  Toku  Kikaider  GM  009  00:23,11/25/2012 

Switched voiced actorsEdit

Hey guys, can I make an edit ! Actually, when I watched the movie, I realised that both Kamen Rider X and Geki Red has switched voice actors.

Muhammad Amir (talk) 00:17, December 20, 2012 (UTC)Muhammad Amir

GekiRed's actor is already noted on that page.  Nbajammer  Talk  RW  KR  MH  TK  KI  JD  Garo  TH  CG  UM  GZ  TF  48  BS  SH  SI  TFs  FF  SO  RE  GA  CT  DQ  00:19,12/20/2012 

Lightning icon Edit

One of the major concerns of cross-wiki linking is that people don't know when they're about to be "teleported". As wikia puts it, it can be jarring. Thus, I've installed a lightning icon for the PR, MH and KR templates so one look and you'll know that the link is a cross-wiki port. I've tried to make it less obtrusive in appearance. Dchallofjustice  Talk  PR/SS  KR  JLU/DCUC  MH  17:03,1/29/2013 

If there was a fifth movie Edit

If this film series extended to a fifth movie, they could use the first film's plot with aruto(zero one) and koh(ryusoulred)

Streakman129th (talk) 21:24, December 31, 2019 (UTC)

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