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The Kagestar (ザ・カゲスター, Za Kagesutā) is a 1976-77 Toei live action tokusatsu television series in which young shadow puppeteer turned salaryman Kageoh Sugata (Naoki Tachibana) gained, thanks to an electric shock received while rescuing his wealthy boss's daughter from kidnappers, the ability to merge with his shadow and transform into Kagestar ("kage" is Japanese for "shadow).

On April 2020, Kagestar became one of the 70 shows to stream on the Toei Tokusatsu World Youtube channel.


An Evel Knievel-inspired red, white and blue-clad, manga-eyed helmet-masked superhero with a swirling star-spangled striped cape he could use like a weapon, he rode a winged white motorcycle called the KageroCar he kept housed in a big and quite bizarre-looking anthropomorphic aircraft called the Kageboosee which he summoned with his flashlight-gun.

Originally fighting American comics-style costumed crooks, in later episodes his foes became Kamen RiderIcon-crosswiki.png-style mutated monsters created by his archenemy Dr. Satan (Goro Naya), a former Nazi scientist turned megalomaniacal mastermind also identified in some English language sources as Dr. Saturn.

Kagestar was assisted his similarly empowered white-skirted partner Bellestar (Emi Hayakawa) who rode a motorcycle of her own called the BelleCar and had a small  bell on her bracelet that rang to warn her of danger.


Kagestar and Bellestar.jpg
Kagestar Kageoh Sugata
Bellestar Suzuko Kazamura


  • Kazamura Konzern
    • President Kazamura
    • Daikichi Kaminari
  • Makiko Kazamura
  • Inspector Toda
  • Detective Nakihara
  • Takeshi Toda
  • Chiaki



  • White Wax Magician
  • Gold Warlock
  • Crimson Gecko
  • Jin Doumon
  • Baron Spider
  • Frog Monster
  • Phantom Trooper
  • Combatman Leader
  • Mouse Monster
  • Mohegan
  • Batman
  • Gorillaman
  • Chameleon Man
  • Poison Phantom Ageha
  • Owl Monster
  • Wolf Monster
  • Wolfman
  • Leopard Woman

Satan Empire

  • Doctor Satan
  • Satan Combatants
  • Satan Monsters
    • Kiba Inoshishi
    • Kamakira
    • Crayfishan
    • Mukaderiya
    • Flyblader
    • Arijigoku
    • Sangoras
    • Bear Kong
    • Gori Oliver (?)
    • Kinokonka
    • Kanigabura
    • Dokugaruda
    • Porcupine
    • Dragonfly Gira(?)
    • Namekugeger
    • Karasaga
    • Glue Buffalo
    • Kamikira
    • Kazuragon
    • Parrots(?)
    • Todogirasu


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