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The Legend of Armor Hero
Number 05
Number of episodes: 30
First episode:
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Original airing: January 15, 2018 - February 11, 2018
3D CG Armorheroes
Armor Hero Captor
Armor Hero Hunter

The Legend of Armor Hero (铠甲勇士铠传) the fifth series is a biography series that similar to Ultraman Retsuden. It uses clips from past series, and 3-D animations between the clips to introduce every single heroes. The series also serve to retcon all Armor Hero series in to a single verse.

Voice Edit

Xinan/Erick Voice Ma Yang

Dong Shan/Sam Voice Bài yuè

Armor Hero Dragon Man Voice Liu Shengbo

Armor Hero Eagle Man Voice Cao Zhen

Mei Zhen Voice Zhang Qi

Xiǎoxuě (bīng er) Voice Wu Di

Yǐng bà/Shadow Overlord Voice Xu Brownzhe

Li Ziyang/Jake Voice ???

Emperor Armor Hero Voice Hu Yi

Lucius Voice Huang Wei

A Jie Voice Bài yuè

Li Hao Tian/Tim Voice Ma Yang

Armor Hero Mars/ Pyro Warrior Voice Zhao Lu

Lufa Voice Xu Brownzhe

Yang Huanying/Alice Voice Zhang Qi

Duanmu Yan Voice Zhao Lu

Lava Armor Hero Voice Cao Zhen

Ma Liling Voice Zhang Qi

Li Xiaoyan Voice Huang Wei

Altras Armor Hero Voice Cao Zhen

Ramda Voice Liu Beichen

Nagong Xinyi/ Armor Hero Captor Voice Liu Shengbo

Su Xiaoxiao Voice Zhang Qi

Mei Jun Voice Wu Di

JW Voice Xu Palme

Captor king Armor Hero Voice Cao Zhen

Yán shén Voice Liu Beichen


Armor Hero & Armor Hero: Emperor

Episode 01:Fire and wood attack

Episode 02: Fight now! Black rhinoceros! Earth tiger! Mastiff!

Episode 03: Darkness plot

Episode 04:The light of the person after the light

Episode 05: Wizhao's betrayal

Episode 06: Fight fire Dragon armor

Episode 07: Light emperor armor

Episode 08: Battle Bean Evil Desire

Episode 09: Decouth on the Ancient World of Warcraft

Armor Hero XT

Episode 10:Fire of the Mars Armor

Episode 11: As bad as the wind, not moving like a mountain

Episode 12: Protecting the Earth's energy crystal

Episode 13: Kula appeared

Episode 14:Geng 伮金刚杵

Episode 15: battle Shura Armor

Armor Hero Lava & Armor Hero: Atlas

Episode 16: Attack! Yanzhi Lava

Episode 17: Tsunami, hurricane, extreme strength

Episode 18: King of Oxter

Episode 19: Qingshan infection

Episode 20: Desperate Ke Sheng

Episode 21: decisive battle! Oxe

Episode 22: Thunder Altras

Episode 23: Eliminate the violent worm

Armor Hero Captor & Armor Hero: Captor King

Episode 24: Captor upgraded! Carbon be stuck

Episode 25: Alloy, Angstorm, Reflect Coming

Episode 26: Eliminate the machine

Episode 27: Mysterious chip

Episode 28: Zhikai's secret

Episode 29 : Armor from the future

Episode 30: Decisive! Battle of God!


  • Spirit of Armor Hero Hunter Stallion from Armor Hero Hunter appeared in the final episode, makes him the first pre-series debut hero of Armor Hero Series.
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