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This article is about a/an Hero in Legend Hero Samgugjeon.
Wang Yeo
Legend Hero Lu Bu (I)
Wang Yun
Gender: Male
Show: Legend Hero Samgugjeon
Color: Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 9: Winnie The Family Ambition
Last Full Appearance: Episode 12: Birth! Red Light Hero
Number of Episode Appearances: 4
Full list of appearances
Actor: Han Changhyeon
Legend Hero Lu Bu (I)
"The important thing is the power of the mind. (중요한 건 마음의 힘이야.)"
―Wang Yun[src]

Wang Yun (aka Legend Hero Lu Bu) is one of the supporting charcters in Legend Hero Samgugjeon series. He was the honorable mentor of Cao Cao (Tae-O) and the user of Lu Bu Hero Piece. Wang Yun was the father of Diao Chan. He only appeared in episodes 9 to 12. However, he ended up being tricked and killed by Dong Zhuo.

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Legend Hero Lu Bu

Legend Hero Lu Bu

Based on the Red Hare.


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