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This article is about a/an Hero in Legend Hero Samgugjeon.
Wang Yeo
Legend Hero Lu Bu (I)
Wang Yun
Gender: Male
Show: Legend Hero Samgugjeon
Color: Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 9: Winnie The Family Ambition
Last Full Appearance: Episode 12: Birth! Red Light Hero
Number of Episode Appearances: 4
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Actor: Han Changhyeon
Legend Hero Lu Bu (I)
"The important thing is the power of the mind. (중요한 건 마음의 힘이야.)"
―Wang Yun[src]

Wang Yun (aka Legend Hero Lu Bu) is one of the supporting charcters in Legend Hero Samgugjeon series. He was the honorable mentor of Cao Cao (Tae-O) and the user of Lu Bu Hero Piece. Wang Yun was the father of Diao Chan. He only appeared in episodes 9 to 12. However, he ended up being tricked and killed by Dong Zhuo.

Character HistoryEdit

Officer Wang Yun is the most highly decorated and admired police officer in the city. Years before the show began, he rescued a kidnapped young boy named Taeoh, who was inspired to become a police officer to be like his rescuer. Once Taeoh was old enough, he became a detective in the force and was mentored by Wang Jun. During the Dream Battle, a criminal gang known as the Bear Family was hitting various jewelry stores. Taeoh managed to track them down, and discovered the existence of the Legend Heroes. Wang Yun had already been chosen as a Legend Hero, but had kept the secret because it would have placed those around him in danger. Taeoh became focused on finding out about the Legend Heroes, going so far as to place a listening device on Liu Bei. Wang Yun was appalled at his student's actions and disrespect for the law. He intervened when Dong Zhuo used an upgraded Bear Machine Gun to defeat Liu Bei, saving him and his student. Liu Bei would return to the battle site, seeking guidance from him. However, Wang Yun chose to use this to test Liu Bei and fought and bested him in battle. He brought the unconscious Lei Bei back to his house, thus revealing his identity. Taeoh visited, bringing his daughter a doll, and after seeing Liu Bei, he realized his true identity as well. While initially agreeing to work together, Wang Yun would have to turn against them when his daughter was kidnapped by the Bear Family. Wang Yun, Liu Bei, and Gongsun Zan stalled as long as they could to enable Taeoh to rescue Diao Chan, though Dong Zhuo eventually realized they were stalling though not caring why. After the rescue and subsequent battle, Liu Bei and Gongsun Zan took Diao Chan back to her house. Wang Yun prepared to arrest Dong Zhuo, but was stopped when the latter revealed he had a bomb. In his tirade over how the explosives were real, Dong Zhuo accidentally started their timer. Wang Yun rushed to him to remove the bomb, while Taeoh told him to leave the criminal as he deserved to die. Wang Yun admonished his student as he reminded him of a police officer's job. Taeoh tried to pull his mentor away, but Wang Yun pushed him back. Wang Yun removed the bomb and threw it as far as he could, and it exploded in the air harmlessly. However, Dong Zhuo had grabbed Taeoh's gun when he tried to drag Wang Yun away, and used it to shoot him in the chest. The gun jammed, forcing Dong Zhuo to retreat, but not before stealing the Hero Piece Lu Bu. Taeoh held his dying mentor, listening to his words, as he instructed him to help Liu Bei.

Personality Edit

Wang Yun is a very intelligent and compassionate individual, who has a high dedication to his job and to justice. He is very honorable person, risking his life to save Dong Zhuo, the man who had kidnapped his daughter, out of dedication to the law and justice. He has a high moral standard, which causes him to be very upset with his student when he bent, if not broke, the rules.


Legend Hero Lu Bu

Legend Hero Lu Bu

Based on the Red Horse.


Legend Changer

Nightmare Halberd

Legend Machine Legend Gear Destroyer


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