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Erward Fei Jr
Armor Hero Aero/Cyclone Warrior
Xu Tingfei/Edward Fei Jr
Gender: Male
Show: Armor Hero XT
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 01
Last Full Appearance: Episode 60
Last Cameo Appearance: Debut Armor Hero Aero Episode 01 & Armor Hero Flash Aero Episode 46
Number of Episode Appearances: 60
Full list of appearances
Actor: Wu Haoze
Armor Hero Aero/Cyclone Warrior

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Character HistoryEdit

Heir to a wealthy corporation, he prefers to fight alone and he is shown to be arrogant towards others, most of the time with Jason. As the series continues, he eventually starts to warm up to others and starts to rely on his teammates.


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Armor Hero AeroEdit


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Forms Edit

Armor Hero Aero/Cyclone Warrior
ArmorHero Aero

Armor Hero Aero

Born under the Moon and uses an MP3 player to summon his armor. He gains the ability to channel his chi through his legs, allowing for some very powerful kicks.

Armor Hero Flash Aero/Flash Cyclone Warrior
ArmorHero FlashAero

Armor Hero Flash Aero

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