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Blue Fighter V2
Gender: Male
Show: Blue Fighter
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
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Yasuda was the newest recruit to the Armored Mobile Task Force and was the junior partner of Blue Fighter. When a demon attacked Kubotchi, Yasuda attempted to defeat the monster in hand-to-hand combat despite having no powers of his own. The demon easily defeated Yasuda and was about to deliver the final blow when he was stopped by Blue Fighter. The demon then turned Yasuda evil and made him attack his partner. Holding back, Blue Fighter was injured by Yasuda and the demon. Blue Fighter then evolved into his new form, Blue Fighter Alpha and freed Yasuda from his mind control. Blue Fighter Alpha gave Yasuda his original Blue Fighter powers, and the young man became Blue Fighter V2. Yasuda was then able to help defeat the demon. Now the city of Kubotchi has two Blue Fighters to protect it.

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