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Yuki Nakajo
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Boss of Panther Claw
Show: Cutie Honey: The Live
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: [[]]
Last Appearance: [[]]
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Actor: Kohei Murakami

Yuji Nakajo (中条 有次 Nakajō Yūji) is a young genius with an IQ of over 200 and multiple personality disorder. His two main personalities are that of a cold, calculating adult and an excitable, cruel child named Hikomaro (ヒコマロ). He is one of the four bosses of Panther Claw.

Character History Edit

In his Hikaru personality, he has become obsessed with obtaining the Honey System in order to make himself as "beautiful" as Honey. He has experimented at the cost of his henchmen's lives. He has been so far successful in creating a flawed Honey System similar to Yuki and Miki's, but wishes to perfect it by using Honey's body. After Honey was decapitated, Yuki lost consciousness after her forehead was penetrated by metals. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Yuji managed to obtain the Honey System by taking Honey and Yuki hostage. His plan to become complete like honey, however, was foiled by Hiromi, who uses the Honey System to revive and turn Yuki into a destructive weapon. Yuji was ultimately defeated when Yuki used "Honey Flash" and ran her chakram through his body. From the surface of a pond, Yuji sees the reflection of his four personalities, Hikomaro, Nakajou, Giza, and Hikaru, respectively. After seeing his image as Hikaru, he commented, "Beautiful," before dropping his head onto the water.


Yuji switches between his natural personality and his child-like one often. He also possesses a third, demonic personality named Giza (ギザ) that he cannot control. When this personality takes control, he becomes overly aggressive, more tapped into his emotions, and is able to produce bat wings from his arms with fearsome claws as hands. He later manifests a fourth personality named Hikaru (ヒカル), a female personality who does not like to fight, preferring to manipulate others into doing what she wants instead. This personality was brought about when Yuji was overwhelmed by Honey's affection for him, and a small portion of Honey's power manifested itself as a mole on Yuji's face.

Modus and ArsenalEdit

In his two forms, as the young adult Yuji and as the child Hikomaro, he can produce razor-sharp feathers from his arms and hands which he can fire at will.



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Behind the ScenesEdit

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