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Yuki human form
Sister Yuki
Yuki Kenmochi
Gender: Female
Show: Cutie Honey: The Live
Color: White
Homeworld: Earth
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Actor: Makoto Takeda
Sister Yuki

Yuki Kenmochi (剣持 ユキ Kenmochi Yuki) is the adopted daughter of the prestigious Kenmochi family. She states that she has only been living with the Kenmochi family for three years. She is very proper in how she speaks and acts, and is extremely naïve; although she is very fond of curry.

Yuki was originally a young girl living in a hospital. She was dying of a terminal disease when she was discovered by Doctor Kisaragi, who remade her in a second attempt to recreate his daughter. The experiment was initially a success, but just like with Miki, she was eventually discarded when flaws were shown in her system.

She develops romantic feelings for Honey after they meet for the first time. After this meeting, she begins to show a darker nature, becoming jealous of any of Honey's companions she shows affection for. She becomes increasingly self-centered and greedy, believing that Honey is meant for her alone. When she learns the truth about Dr. Kisaragi, believed to be her real father, and Miki's ability to Flash, her personality changes dramatically, killing anyone who will not give her answers about her past on sight. She was responsible for killing Duke Watari and has twice threatened Miki's life. Upon being told by Yuji that Honey is not a human but simply an android, she becomes convinced that Dr. Kisaragi created Honey to be "spare parts" for her, so that she can repair her flawed Honey System.

Since then, she has forced Honey to reveal the truth about being an android in front of her classmates, and started a campaign in order to keep Honey alone; this way, Yuki would be Honey's only friend, and ensures that she would be around when she will need the spare parts. She has threatened Seiji many times. After beating up Yuji with Honey's help, she then decapitates a willing Honey in order to maintain her own life, but not before promising Honey to "take care" of Miki in her stead. However, before any of that could happen her air solidifier device fails. Yuji returns to see both Yuki's and Honey's lifeless bodies. Their bodies were eventually taken by Hiromi and her husband whose plans were to take Honey's powers and transfer them over to Yuki's body. This process turns her evil with a will to destroy anything in her path. She would later have a backup limiter placed on her neck when the initial limiter implanted within her fails, placing her fully under Hiromi's control. In the battle with Honey the backup limiter is destroyed. However, still unable to gain control of herself, she kills Hiromi and continues to fight Honey who ultimately destroys her. After her body is destroyed, Yuki comes to Hayami as a spirit with a final request for him to take care of Honey.

Sister YukiEdit

She also possesses the power of the Honey System, changing into a white armored form called Sister Yuki (シスターユキ Shisutā Yuki?) with the phrase "Honey Flash!" (ハニーフラッシュ! Hanī Furasshu!). In this form she becomes a cold, merciless warrior using graceful and powerful karate. Her personal emblem is a white diamond. She can summon a chakram called the "Platinum Chakram" (プラチナチャクラム Purachina Chakuramu) as her weapon. Like Miki, her Honey System is flawed. This flaw began with materializing random toys outside of her body. The malfunction progresses later on into absorbing objects into her body and forced out later in a similar fashion to Miki's flaw.

Sister YukiEdit

Sister Yuki suit

Sister Yuki suit


  • Honey System
  • Platinum Chakram


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