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"Cosmo Magic, Metamorphosis!"
―Transformation announcement of Potrine[src]
Yuko Murakami
Gender: Female
Show: La Belle Fille Masquée Poitrine
Color: White
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: ?
Last Full Appearance: ?
Number of Episode Appearances: ?
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Yuko Murakami is the teenage protagonist of La Belle Fille Masquée Poitrine.


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Yuko Murakami was an ordinary high school girl until one day she stopped by an abandoned shrine to pray for the new school year, she accidently breaks the bell and releases the shrine's god. The god bestows her power from an ancient goddess to protect her town from evil by saying "Cosmo Magic, Metamorphosis!" to transform into Poitrine. However, the god states if she tells anyone her secret identity or shows them her powers he will punish her by turning her into a frog.


  • Belle Saber: A dagger weapon. It can fire a beam of light from the tip and can produce a variety of things using magic. With it, Yuko can use the Potrine Flash finisher. When the incident is resolved to Kakinokosu the letter "P" in the light. Once in tact of misunderstanding, which may have been issued to children Board of toys collected. Is in the play may also be referred to as a "dagger" or "stick".
  • Music Box Pendant: The previous fiscal year of transformation items. Cosmo Magic Metamorphose! it is transformed into Potrine a Yuko in the spell of. After the makeover and is attached to become a brooch in the chest of Potrine. It should be noted, will not be called by this name in the play.
  • Cosmo Breath: Items Yuko uses to disguise. Usually I have the shape of a wristwatch. Oryudo it will demonstrate their abilities in spell. When the watch and by opening the lid, it is possible to hear the sound of the far or projected images of distant. The "Oh Liu de" to mean "in place of" (on behalf of the ~) in French.
  • Merry Orugo Over Land: Music box Potrine have got from God in the middle. It is in the form of a merry-go-round that golden Pegasus is around. It has the ability or to reform, rehabilitation or reflect the past of Phantom. It usually I is placed in the room of Yuko. Is in the play is sometimes referred to as the "God of the music box."
  • Compact: Late makeover items. It was sent by courier from God. It has the ability to indicate the location where the incident is happening. Although there is no change in the spell of transformation, transformation pose changes slightly, first are allowed to appear the compact to the palm of your hand, take a pause from the state in which it is floating in the air.


  • A variation of the character appeared in Kamen Rider: Movie War Ultimatum, For information on her see Yu Kamimura (Underworld)Icon-crosswiki
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