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Zoe Xu
Thunder Guard
Zoe Xu
Gender: Male
Show: Battle Strike Team: Giant Saver
Color: Silver
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: 15
Last Full Appearance: 52
Last Cameo Appearance: Debut Thunder Guard Episode 15
Number of Episode Appearances:
Full list of appearances
Actor: Wen Zhuo
Thunder Guard
Thunder Guard

Zoe Xu (Xu Weizhen in Chinese) is a character in Battle Strike Team: Giant Saver. He is the Thunder Guard.

Character HistoryEdit

Part of a brother-sister duo that are in a psychic link and were originally their own Guard team duo before joining the other three. He is from a rich family who lost their financial status and seek a way to reclaim it. He is friends with Jane and Nell, but does not care for Quinn.


He has a young sister which is Windy Xu and he very loves her.


Thunder Guard
Thunder Guard

Thunder Guard

Thunder GuardEdit


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